[Viral Video] Farmer and Goat have a Hilarious Conversation: Baah Baah Baah

The bonds of humans and animals have gone a long way since. The Daily Mail has just released an article on a Moroccan man interacting with his goat on his farm. The Moroccan farmer, Omar Murso, was in the city of Tangier when he decided to talk to his pet. This happened less than two weeks ago on June 13, 2020.

The farmer from the North African country videotaped his pet farm animal as he was communicating with it. He stated that he and his goat have their own method of communicating with one another.

Murso was producing and recreating goat sounds by making quick tongue sounds. In response, his goat was also "interacting" with him through its own sounds.  It replied to the Moroccan farmer by bleating and blowing raspberries with his tongue.


The viral video

The video exuded an amusing atmosphere, given the fact that the response of the farm animal was quite accurate to the conversation starters of Murso. The video showed that there was some type of mutual understanding between them while they were communicating with one another.

In the background of the video, it was heard that Murso had company. Murso's friends were exclaiming in delight when they saw the farmer-pet duo interact. Murso referred to his pet goat as "Lino." He stated that Lino is the most intellectual pet goat he owned.

He also stated that, whenever people converse with Lino, they are always amazed by its cleverness and ability to interact with others like it is actually human.

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The Humble Goat: Its Intelligence and Domesticity

Dogs are known for being one of the most intelligent mammals in the animal kingdom. They are also known for their ability to create and build personal relationships with human beings.

Goats, on the other hand, do not seem to have these kinds of abilities and personalities. However, research studies and animal scientists have confirmed that goats possess the capability to do things that dogs can do as well.

Goats are also quite intellectual and hold curiosity within them. These domestic farm animals have also shown adventurous features. This is proven by their want to go to places they have never seen before, hence the curiosity, and their yearning for exploration.

Christian Nawroth, a British researcher based in the Queen Mary University of London, stated in one of his research studies that goats have similar personalities to dogs.

Whenever goats want something like food and treats, they would simply look at their owners in a longing way. This is much like how dogs do their puppy eyes when they want their humans to give them a snack.

Moreover, when goats are having a difficult time in doing their assigned tasks, they catch the attention of their owners with an intense look to show them that they need help. This is also discovered to be an attribute that pet dogs possess.

This discovery of goats being loyal and smart domestic animals allows animal scientists and researchers to add to their roster of great animal companions, in terms of research studies.

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