[VIDEO] Motorist Crashes Brand New $250,000 Lamborghini Huracán in 20 Minutes: Who's to Blame?

An extreme car accident occurred through one of the streets in the city of Wakefield in West Yorkshire, England. A highly damaged Lamborghini Huracán worth $247,760  sits in the middle of the road for every passerby and car to see the desecration it has endured.

Its sleek trunk part was destroyed, stripped off of its clean outer layer. The outer layer of the vehicle was completely obliterated, exposing its internal motors and system. Scratches are scattered all throughout the luxury car and, looking at the damage the vehicle has sustained, it does not look like it could ever be used on the road again.

A statement was taken from the owner of the Huracán, saying that the Lamborghini car experienced a failure in its internal mechanisms. Because of this fiasco, the vehicle suddenly stopped in the middle of the road lane and the car behind it, a van, ultimately crashed into the backside of the luxury car.

Alongside that road, police officers and their cars were on the scene of the road accident, surveying the scene and taking note of the stories of both parties involved in the car crash.

The crash

The crash happened somewhere around one in the afternoon in a junction nearing the city of Leeds in West Yorkshire.

Police officer Richard Whiteley of the West Yorkshire Police Force acquired a statement from the owner of the Huracán, saying that the luxury car halted in the middle of the street because of a failure in its internal systems.

The Lamborghini driver also stated that his acquisition of the car only occurred twenty minutes before the accident and that it was a total shame that he lost it in that short amount of time. Both parties suffered wounds and injuries. Fortunately, nothing too fatal happened to the two drivers.

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The Status of Wealth and High-Performance: The Lamborghini

In accordance with a Quora question, the Lamborghini is well-known for its manufacturing of high-performance cars. Moreover, the owners of the luxury car spent millions of dollars on its advertising and marketing.

This creates the effect that the social status of someone owning a Lamborghini would be affiliated with wealthy pleasures and luxurious auras. One of its most prominent and sought after models are the Huracán. Its seating capacity of two allows it to be a car that is usually bought by wealthy bachelors.

The cars manufactured by Lamborghini are all designed by the most excellent of handymen from Italy. Its matte interior possesses comfort that only a few will ever get to experience sitting in. Its low ground clearance exudes luxury and proves the high aerodynamic feature and high speed in which the car can run on.

The luxury car was crafted based on the hexagon shape. The hexagonal figure is incorporated into the rims and exterior armor of the vehicle, establishing how well-crafted and precise the making of the car was. Clients are offered a total of four color-based models of the Huracán: Huracán Evo, Huracán Evo Spyder, Huracán Evo RWD, and Huracán Evo RWD Spyder.

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