WWDC2020 Keynote Was Not Enough: Here are Some Updates Apple has Kept from You

The WWDC20 keynote has included the official announcements of their iOS 14, iPad OS 14, Big Sur, macOS, watchOS 7, the new move to custom ARM silicon for Apple Macs, and much more. However, this still leaves a huge chunk of things that Apple did not yet unveil. Let's first take a look at everything that Apple failed to announce at the recent WWDC.

Here's everything that Apple did not announce at the WWDC2020:

    Redesigned iMac

Just close to two weeks before the recent WWDC keynote, there was an ongoing rumor from the leaker Sony Dickson that the company was planning to unveil a newly redesigned iMac at the recent annual conference with certain slimmer bezels and also updated internals just like an Apple T2 chip and the AMD Navi GPUs.

The very next day, the iMac's stock at Apple's online store was already running low, which could potentially point to a new iMac.

    Consumer-facing ARM Mac

Another exciting although expected announcement that happened during the keynote was Apple's choice to transition from Intel chips for its recent Macs to the custom ARM-based Apple Silicon. Still no surprise, Apple did not actually announce the first Mac that will further launch with this new CPU architecture for consumers but it still opened up the Developer Transition Kit that also included a Mac mini along with an A12Z Bionic processor.

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    Apple Watch new blood oxygen sensor

Previously in March, it was exclusively reported that support for the Apple Watch monitoring system for blood oxygen (SpO2) could potentially be on the way right after finding evidence of the certain feature in a much earlier iOS 14 build.

As was previously noted, it could still certainly be the case that the new Apple Watch 6 hardware might just be required to use this new feature. Although Apple did not really share anything about this in comparison with the watchOS7 announcement, it is still very exciting to think about the possibility of this arriving later in September.

    Apple AirPods Studio

It was first discovered that the icons of Apple's own upcoming over-ear headphones should be coming back in March in a much early version of the iOS 14. Ever since then, there have been bits and pieces revealing more detail for the next release of this popular AirPods lineup.

Bloomberg previously reported that they will actually come with new swappable magnetic earpads and the headband and it should also launch sometime this year. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the unique magnetic design along with its production should be somewhere in the "mid-2020" which means that the release could happen late summer or maybe even early fall.

These are a few key takeaways that Apple did not announce during the WWDC2020.

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