Happy Birthday, Elon Musk! Learn More About the Billionaire's Accomplishments Aside from Tesla and SpaceX

Elon Musk is popularly known for his success with Tesla and SpaceX but a lot of people do not know that this Billionaire has actually had more success in his earlier days as well.


Here's what the billionaire has achieved in his 49 years of existence:

Zip2 from 1995-1999

This is the very first company on Elon Musk's own resume and he started this company along with his own brother as a way to be able to digitally deliver certain information on the major US cities (including maps, business directories, and much more) to the newspaper organizations located within the area.

Zip2 was then eventually acquired by Compaq and would later on ultimately evolve into a pioneering search engine industry, Altavista.

X.com and Paypal from 1999-2002

With the money that Elon Musk had earned from selling Zip2, he then turned his attention into the world of the digital payment process.

In just about three and a half years, X.com had merged with the popular Confinity, and this later on transformed into PayPal

Musk had suddenly been ousted as the CEO of PayPal while on vacation but managed to retain a place on the board. PayPal was then bought by eBay for $1.5B in stock.

This success instantly made Musk $165 million richer.

SpaceX from 2002-current

This is maybe Musk's most ambitious venture up to this date. Although SpaceX has started out as what others thought as a way to make space travel affordable, the company has been branching out to other aspects that could be beneficial for humanity in general.

The SpaceX Starlink system was created to bring broadband internet to the whole world on a global scale. This alone could be another huge business in itself.

Tesla from 2003-current

The beginning of Tesla started with Musk's 98% funding of the company's initial capital. Elon Musk then became both the CEO and the product architect back in 2008 and still retains that role today.

Aside from just technological advances that Tesla has previously pioneered, the company has also grown absolutely huge in terms of monetary value.

The company went from being a $2 billion company way back in 2011 to the whopping $116 billion company it now stands today.

In terms of monetary success, this could be Musk's most successful venture up until this day.

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Other ventures:

SolarCity from 2006-2016

Although this started as a side venture between Musk and the two of his cousins, the company has also developed into a subsidiary of Tesla that ultimately aims to combat the ongoing global warming with the use of certain sustainable and renewable sources for energy.

SolarCity's efforts are also being evident in the many different technologies that are implemented into Tesla's own automobiles.

OpenAI from 2015-2018

Due to Musk's awareness of the potential dangers of artificial intelligence, Musk founded OpenAI that hopes to develop its "friendly AI" software and also systems.

Musk stepped down due to conflict of interest but he still supports this company both financially and on a much more personal level. 

Neuralink from 2016-current

This is Elon Musk's venture into the medical world as Neuralink can improve medical procedures and treatments just like how they can enable both faster and easier movement of the prosthetic limbs.

This company is walking towards creating a "symbiosis" of some sorts between both men and the computer.

The Boring Company from 2016-current

This company aims to resolve one huge problem that Musk often hates, traffic. The company builds underground tunnels and roadways for both public and private use.

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