The Division 2: Players Can Now Participate In the 8-Player Raid- Operation Iron Horse

If you own a digital copy of Ubisoft's The Division 2 along with the expansion pack, then you will be glad to know that Operation Iron Horse, the eight-player raid is out now.

According to Game Spot, Ubisoft calls the new major content update "the ultimate challenge" for players, saying that the Operation Dark Hours raid was the basis for making Operation Iron Horse in order make for a better experience.

"Operation Iron Horse will feature thought-provoking battles against enemies and bosses, driving Agents to determine proper fight mechanics and work with their teammates to execute the right strategy in order to defeat their enemies."

Operation Iron Horse

The goal of Operation Iron Horse is to stop the True Sons and to once again gain control over the foundry. In the description that is noted by Multiplayer First, the group has set up a weapons foundry to prepare for a full-scale attack on Washington D.C.

Operation Iron Horse demonstrates how determined and cruel the True Sons are. You will not only have to face the True Sons and the secrets they possess; but also the dangerous environment of a foundry. 

Operation Iron Horse players can also partake to see who would be the first team to win the world's first raid race competition. The winning team will forever be memorialized in the White House base of operations.

In order to participate in Iron Horse, you'll need to reach level 40 if you own Warlords of New York. Those who only have the base game can access a level 30 version of Iron Horse, but that won't be released until July 7.

A Discovery difficulty option will be added "at a later date" and offer matchmaking for those who don't have a group to play with.

You can check out The Division 2's official Twitter account wishing the players the best below. 

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Twitch Drops

Alongside the return of Race to World First, Twitch Drops are also back. This allows the players to receive drops from selected Twitch partner streamers who are streaming the raid on their platform but will only be available until July 2 at 5 am Pacific Time. 

After completing the raid, The Division 2 promises that players will be rewarded with exclusive loot such as:

  • The Ravenous exotic is a double barrel rifle that offers both offensive and defensive bonuses to players.
  • The Regulus exotic is a revolver that offers a high base damage and creates explosions on headshot kills that amplify damage and apply bleed to all enemies nearby.
  • The Foundry Bulwark gear set is designed for players wanting to maximize their survivability, allowing both their shield and themselves to absorb and repair the damage they take over time.
  • The Future Initiative gear set is designed for players wanting to support their team with strong repairs, while also increasing the damage output of teammates while they're at full armor.

You can watch the World's First Raid right here below. 

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