There Is a Car Wash in Hawaii That Is Moving to Adapt to the New Normal by Keeping People Safe

The pandemic has changed many things that we do every single day by making us take different approaches. From how we clean, to how we eat, and even how we learn has been changed.

McKinley Car Wash
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A prominent car wash in Hawaii is doing its best to adapt to the new normal we have to deal with. This article will show you how this Hawaiian car wash is doing the most it can to keep its customers safe and healthy.

The New Normal For A Car Wash

Things that used to happen every day had to change because of the global pandemic. Everyone in the world has to watch and adjust to what the new normal needs us to do while there is somewhere that has seemed to be busy, but it has also gone through significant changes.

If you passed by the McKinley Car Wash at the Kapiolani Boulevard in early 2020, you would've noticed that there were always cars lined up. However, like most non-essential businesses, operations at the car wash came to an end in March.

The car wash reopened only a few months after operations had to end, but the car wash had to take its services slowly at the beginning of the pandemic.

Initially, the car wash didn't do anything involving the vacuuming services they used to have. It was closed off from anyone, so the only service available was the exterior car wash.

All the customers stayed in their cars. The staff of the car wash stayed outside and away from the customers.

The car wash dealt with the transactions for everyone, even if they stayed in their cars since people had to follow social distancing.

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Returning to the True Normal?

Ever since the reopening, the car wash has been gradually expanding its available services while focusing on people's safety.

Temperature checks are done before the start of shifts as a precaution required to ensure that everyone is comfortable working with each other.

If the customers want their car's interior vacuumed, the vacuum hoses are disinfected afterward. The car wash does this quickly and efficiently to help as many customers as possible.

The majority of customers will usually ask for the interior of their car to be cleaned. Still, though, about 15 percent of people would stick with the social distancing rules and would prefer to have only the car exterior cleaned.

If you go to this car wash, you can choose whether you want the vacuuming done to your car's interior. There's no pressure since it's your choice.

For the time being, the car wash staff are satisfied that they can still work even with the new normal taking over the world. The car wash staff are hoping that everything will be back to the way it used to be before the pandemic happened by the end of 2020.

Here is a video of McKinley Car Wash and how it used to be in 2018:

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