Apple and All iPhones and MacBooks to Completely Be Carbon Neutral by 2030

In an effort to help reduce its carbon footprint, Apple has vowed to go completely carbon neutral in the next 10 years, with every device sold having a net-zero climate impact.

This was according to Apple's latest Environmental Progress Report that was released on Tuesday, July 21, noting the company's road map to reduce emissions by 75% by 2030 as noted in a report from Digital Trends. 

Apple Company
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"Businesses have a profound opportunity to help build a more sustainable future, one born of our common concern for the planet we share," said Apple CEO Tim Cook. "The innovations powering our environmental journey are not only good for the planet - they've helped us make our products more energy-efficient and bring new sources of clean energy online around the world."

Last year, Apple was able to cut its carbon dioxide emissions by 4.3 million metric tons. Its products also use 73% less energy than they did over a decade ago. The company began to start its journey of going carbon neutral since April in its Apple corporate emissions.

You can check out what Apple promises to do in this video below. 

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A More Detailed Look on Apple's Future Carbon Neutral Efforts

From redesigning the iPhone to be more environmentally-friendly, to using 100% recycled and renewable materials across all of their products and packaging, let's take a look at what Apple is planning to do to go green:

Phone's Design

In Apple's homepage, they said they will start by reducing the carbon footprint on some of the product's most carbon-intensive components. Most consumer technology devices have certain chemicals that may be harmful to the body and the environment. This is why Apple is making the switch to safer substances.

All Apple products are tested to evaluate their compliance with a list of regulated substances. The company is now collecting the chemical composition of all the materials in their products to determine their effect on human health and the environment. Did you know that the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max are the first-ever smartphones made with 100% recycled rare earth elements in the Taptic Engine.3?

Improved Packaging

During the release of the iPhone 7, the company began switching from plastic trays to molded-fiber alternatives in their packaging which is reflective in their packaging today. They have also transitioned all plastic shopping bags in their retail stores to 100% fiber bags made mostly of recycled content.

Daisy and Dave- robots. 

If you're planning to buy a new phone, what on earth are you going to do with your old one? You don't need to throw them as they can still be recycled. And now, used iPhones can still serve a purpose thanks to Daisy, Apple's own disassembly robot created from scratch that can remove and sort components to recover more materials at a higher quality. Meanwhile, Dave helps to advance the recovery of rare earth elements, steel, and tungsten from disassembled components and scrap. 

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