Prepare for iPad Air 4 and Its Awesome New Feature

Prepare for iPad Air 4 and Its Awesome New Feature
Prepare for iPad Air 4 and Its Awesome New Feature Photo : William Iven

The current generation iPad Air has gotten good reviews. The last time Apple launched an iPad Air was way back in 2019. In the tech world, two years is an eternity. There might be delays whether done purposely or not. But knowing Apple, it's never late to the game. This becomes more apparent when it holds off launching a new feature until it's good enough, if not thoroughly perfect.

Continuing its predecessors' appeal, the iPad Air 4 appears to be Apple's solution to filling up its line of midrange devices for productivity, entertainment, and gaming. Based from the upcoming changes found in the new iPad Air, it looks like Apple is on a streak when it comes to listening to consumer feedback.

iPad Air 4 specs

Apple's forthcoming A14 Bionic chip for the iPhone 12 is rumored to be the heart of the new iPad Air 4. A new 5nm manufacturing architecture will be used to make this possible This promises to bring better power and battery efficiency for the iPad Air 4.

It's set to come with an 11" Liquid Retina display. It's safe to expect the same great viewing experience despite the relatively small screen real estate.

There will also be 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB versions. It's great to hear that Apple has finally joined its Android counterparts in offering higher-than-100GB storage for the base version of its devices. With most videos joining the 4k-resolution train and 5G connection gradually being the new normal, having a large internal storage size would really come in handy.

Like the iPad Pro series, there are plans to use a USB-C interface instead of the usual Lightning interface. This will obviously require hardcore Apple fans to ditch their Lightning cables and compatible accessories. However, the good news is that USB-C offers more compatibility for accessories. Additionally, if nothing changes during the development phase, expect too that the iPad Air 4 will come with four speakers.

Apple is also planning to release a compatible version of its Magic Keyboard for the iPad Air 4. This is quite nice as previously, that's only available for the various variants of the iPad Pro.

If reports and leaks prove to be correct, Apple seems to be blurring the line between its Air and Pro line of iPads.

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iPad Air 4 price

Apple has been known to launch devices, especially its flagship line, with a somewhat steep price. However, offering different versions of the same product gives consumers options. Prices for the new iPad Air starts at around $649. This is quite an increase considering that last year's iPad Air cost $499 during launch. In comparison, the latest iPad Pro costs anwhere from $799 to $1,649 depending on the version.

Personally, sticking with the 256GB version seems to be the practical choice. It sits in the middle and being a companion device, 256GB of storage is already ample enough for media consumption and productivity on the go. If you need a device with a higher storage, it's more practical to look at Apple's MacBook line of products.

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