There's Now a Gaming Mouse for Cooling Sweaty Palms

There's Now a Gaming Mouse for Cooling Sweaty Palms
There's Now a Gaming Mouse for Cooling Sweaty Palms Photo : Shagal Sajid

Gaming mouse has been around since the time computers started running 3D games. They've taken many forms from being bulky with many dedicated buttons to those that are sleek and even wireless. Some even come with flashy RGB lights that add a further gaming feel to the device.

Despite these changes over the last two decades, there is still one (relatively serious) issue that some gamers face when using one. No, we're not talking about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, though it's also a very severe side effect of heavy computer use.

Other PC components from hard drives to video cards have regularly undergone changes. That's just how it is with the tech community and industry in general. Ironically, the mouse, as a basic computer accessory, hasn't gone through some sort of innovation, be it significant or otherwise.

Prolonged gaming sessions (and nervousness during a tight battle) often lead to an unfocused mind and sweaty palms. For the latter, it's not only about hygiene since our palms do have sweat glands. It's more about our body's reaction to certain situations.

Imagine being the only one in your team who's still standing during the final round of Call of Duty's Warzone on Windows 10. Everyone's cheering for you that you know everything's up to you now. Oh, it's the international elimination matches by the way. No amount of air-conditioning can save you, in such instance, from being quite nervous and often, sweaty.

Mindshunter's Gaming Mouse Solution

Someone finally noticed the problem and decided to offer a solution! Mindshunter's Zephyr Gaming Mouse is the world's first ever gaming mouse that comes, wait for it...with a built-in fan. It's currently available on Kickstarter and at the moment has already raised $68,000.

It features an RGB fan near the rear. It can be set to high, low, or off. Based on the videos, it looks like it and the gaming mouse itself can be programmed to show different colour schemes.

Despite having a built-in fan, the Zephyr weighs at just 68 grams. This makes it really lightweight and best for games that require fast responses. It has a Pixart 3389 sensor that supports up to 16,000 DPI resolution.

Is this just a trend?

So far, Zephyr has been receiving good reviews. Some trends, at least in the gaming and computing world, helped push better features and functions.

At first glance, Mindshunter's Zephyr looks cool and we're just being honest here, innovative. There's still room for further enhancement in future versions like adding more programmable buttons. Making one that sports and adjustable chassis looks promising too. Don't forget everyone's favorite feature. A gaming mouse that has adjustable weights.

Having a built-in fan is actually a good premise. If the novelty dies down, you can just simply turn off the fan. After all, the Zephyr is still a gaming mouse, with or without its built-in fan.

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