Here Are Simple Ways to Have a Smart Home

Here Are Simple Ways to Have a Smart Home
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If you think having a smart home is just about being fancy and techie, you need to think again. More than the convenience, home automation offers other benefits such as savings, enhanced safety, peace of mind, and control.

Why have a smart home anyway?

Imagine being able to unlock your house or garage door using your phone or ask your virtual assistant to open lights for you. Or how about cleaning your entire room and turning down the heat while you are away. Smart technology can do that for you.

A smart home need not always be an elaborate setup and lots of spending. You can do it with simple and inexpensive gadgets that can deliver the same convenience and savings that most high-end smart devices can. 

How do you start setting up a smart home?

Here are some of the ways to make your house a smart home.

1. Smart plugs

Smart plugs are probably the simplest yet versatile smart device you can buy. What does it do? Smart plugs allow users to turn on or off any appliance using an app. You can control it or set it so it can react according to a specific schedule or triggers.

Simply plug the Smart plug into any wall socket and then plug the appliance into it. That can be a television, a computer, a washing machine, or any conventional appliance that you want to control remotely.

2. Smart lighting

Smart lighting is a modern way of lighting your house. Smart LED lights are controlled using an app, smart assistant, or another smart gadget. Smart lighting completely eliminates the need for a conventional wall switch, allowing you to control it remotely.

Apart from turning it on or off, Smart LED lighting lets you dim your lights, which you can't do with a conventional bulb. But most of all, Smart LED bulbs are energy-efficient and lasts longer than traditional bulbs.

3. Smart doorbells

What if you can see who is knocking at the door without leaving your couch? Or how about being able to give instructions to the delivery man standing by the gate while you are busy cooking dinner? You can do those things with a Smart Doorbell.

Isn't that just a fancy way of answering the door? Not exactly. Imagine the added security it brings, knowing that you can keep intruders from possibly forcing their way into your home. 

Once a person presses the doorbell, you immediately get notified through your phone. You can then see who is out there and even speak to the visitor through your phone. Also, when you are not home, your Smart Doorbell can record any suspicious activity, so you have that peace of mind even while you are away. 

4. Smart robot vacuum

Smart robot vacuums are smart, autonomous devices that can clean hardwood floors, tiles, and even carpet. They are also easy to use. Newer models are able to map the room on their own, and then you decide which room and when you want it cleaned. Of course, the main benefit is it saves you time so you can do more productive things.

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