How to Increase Download Speeds on PS4: An Easy Way

How to Increase Download Speeds on PS4: An Easy Way
How to Increase Download Speeds on PS4: An Easy Way Photo : Nikita Kachanovsky

How to increase download speeds on PS4 isn't that hard of a challenge. For starters, there are many workarounds on how to achieve this. We've compiled a simple guide on how this can be done with close to minimal effort.

Nobody likes waiting for a really long time for digital copies of a game you just bought to be fully downloaded and installed. The same goes for waiting quite a while for new updates to finish so you can enjoy the new features or add-ons of your currently installed apps or games on your PS4.

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How to increase download speeds on PS4: Don't multi-task (that much)

Modern desktops and gaming consoles are capable of multi-tasking. That is, you can play a game while something else is being downloaded or updated in the background. Sometimes, your PS4's game library would have more than one game that needs updating. Add this to the fact that even the console's firmware also needs to be updated from time to time.

People often accomplish a single task faster than when doing multiple tasks at the same time. The PS4, and even other devices, follow this same approach. If your PlayStation 4 happens to be downloading more than one item at a time, surely your download speeds will suffer. Another instance is when you're playing a game and you're downloading another game's update in the background. Your download speed will seriously be affected since your console is stretching itself too thin, in terms of download bandwidth.

The first step is, if you're currently playing an online game while downloading something else, log out and play an offline game instead. Now, if your PS4 is attempting to download more than one item all at the same time, you need to press the home button on your controller. From the main menu, go to your notifications icon.

If your console is busy downloading anything, it will have a loading bar on top of the list. Just click the list to further expand it. Just select the content you prefer to pause for the time being. You can do so by pressing the X button on your controller. Once you see the "pause" option, select it and that item will no longer be updated or downloaded unless you resume it. A quick tip is to just let only one update or download instance happen. Once it's done, repeat the same process for the other updates or downloads.

Between Wi-Fi or wired connection, use the latter. It will often provide a faster download speed since the connection is hardwired to your PS4. How to increase download speeds on PS4? Use a wired connection since it provides more stability and excludes any connection issues brought by the physical distance between your PS4 and your modem.

You can set this up by plugging an ethernet cable into one of your modem's LAN ports. The other end of the cable then connects to your PS4. Now you need to select Settings on your consoles Main Menu. Go ahead and select Network. Once there, choose Set up Internet Connection and select Use a LAN Cable. To make configuring it a breeze, just select Easy. Just sit back and relax and your PlayStation 4 will configure itself to use a LAN-based connection instead of being connected via Wi-Fi.

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