Bright Memory: Meet the Groundbreaking Hack and Slash Video Game Made for Next-Gen Consoles

The FPS game is one hour-long gameplay of epic and deadly battles between demons and mythological beasts in a futuristic sci-fi world with an unmatched visual revamping. 

Bright Memory 1.0 is expanded into a full-length game, Bright Memory: Infinite, and it's eyeing a 2021 release. 

So, what does this game have to offer? When will it be released? Where to pre-order? The answers to these questions are below. 

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Bright Memory: Premise, Feature, and Graphics Enhancement

After a series of strange events appearing in the skies worldwide, the Supernatural Science Research Organization (SRO) calls agents to investigate. Little did they know, what lies ahead may be more dangerous than what they thought. 

Set in the futuristic world of 2036, Bright Memory is centered around the protagonist and special operative Shelia. Sheila has to stop the militia agency from reawakening the deads. Dragons and demons roam around the deads, and it's up to you as Sheila to stop them. 

Sheila is a femme fatale kind of character. Growing up in a military background and losing both parents in a tragic accident, Sheila was raised by the SRO. She has near-superhuman abilities that secured her an ultra-elite spot at the SRO Emergency Inspection Team.  

That said, you'll have to solve puzzles and fight your way through by unleashing a flurry of melee strikes and blazing bullets in a fantastic gunplay combat system. 

Speaking of graphics, Bright Memory is a visually-stunning video game. It's supported by Unreal Engine 4. It clocks incredibly at 60 frames per second on the upcoming Xbox Series X and 1440p on Series S. 

Its full-length game, Bright Memory: Infinite, is under development. Interestingly, the game was produced by only one developer named Zeng Xiancheng. He won Epic Games' Unreal Dev Grants worth of $500,000.

Check out the full trailer here and the Steam page here

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System Requirement and Where to Pre-Order

Bright Memory is now available for pre-order at $7.99 on Microsoft Stores here

However, please bear in mind that this is not the full game. Infinite is, as mentioned above, released in 2021. This is an hour of gameplay to anticipate the full game's release, and you're free to wait if you want to play Infinite instead.

Unfortunately, the Xbox version does not provide a free gift of Bright Memory: Infinite.  

Bright Memory will be released on November 10. As mentioned above, Bright Memory: Infinite, the full-length game, is set for a release in 2021. Check out Bright Memory: Infinite on Xbox Store here. It is also available through third-party online authorized retailers, like Steam, here.

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