The Game Awards 2020 Nominees: Contenders for Top Games, Personalities of the Year Unveiled

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The Game Awards 2020 nominees are already announced. Games that conquered the video gaming scene this 2020 on various categories such as Game of the Year, Best Direction, Best Art Direction, Best Narrative and many more are set to be revealed in the award-giving body's livestream happening on December 10.

Overall, there are 30 awards up for grab for the nominated games. 20 games have been nominated for two or more awards. The Game Awards 2020, the award-giving body, along with some of the world's famed game sites, outlets, and critics came up with the overall list. 

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Headlining this year with a total of ten nominations is The Last of Us Part II by Naughty Dog. The controversial yet engaging PS4 action-adventure hit notched the Top Game of the Year nomination, as well as nominations for Best Game Direction, Best Art Direction, Best Narrative and six more other nominations.

Another solid contender for this year with eight nominations is the rogue action role-playing game Hades, known for being heavily played in the Nintendo Switch and PC. Like The Last of Us Part II, it is also on the roll after grabbing nominations on the Game of the Year award. Also it is nominated on same major awards such as the Best Game Direction, Best Art Direction, Best Narrative and four more nominations.

The Last of Us Part II and Hades share the Game of the Year Nomination with another PS4 hit Ghost of Tsushima with seven nominations; Final Fantasy VII Remake from the legendary Final Fantasy franchise with six nominations; Doom Eternal of the classic Doom franchise with four nominations; and the colorful Nintendo Switch hit Animal Crossing: New Horizons that has three nominations.

In the eSports scene of the awards, five games are nominated for the Best eSports Game Award: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Fortnite, League of Legends, and one of this year's breakout hits Valorant, which has the same developer as League of Legends, Riot Games.

It's not just about the games; it's also about personalities and players

Awards for game personalities are also included on the list of categories, including the Content Creator of the Year. Alanah Pearce, Jay-Ann Lopez, Nickmercs, TimTheTatMan and Valkyare are vying for the award. Another award, the Best eSports Host award lists Goldenboy, Machine, Sjokz, Dash and Sheever as nominees.

Crimsix (Call of Duty), Showmaker (League of Legends), Canyon (League of Legends), Shotzzy (Call of Duty), and Zywoo (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) are all nominated for the Best eSports Athlete category. Fighting for the best eSports team on the other hand are League of Legends teams G2 eSports and Damwon Gaming, Dallas Empire from Call of Duty, team Secret from DOTA 2, and San Francisco Shock from Overwatch League.

The awarding ceremonies will be livestreamed December 10 on The Game Awards official website. Fans can also vote on their official website for their favorite games to make it and win their nominations. To vote and for the full list of nominees, click here.

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