Apple's Head of Security to Face Lawsuit After Reportedly Bribing an Officer with iPads for Gun Licenses

Bloomberg exclusively reports that Thomas Moyer (50), the head of security at Apple, has been accused of giving 200 iPads and expensive sports tickets to the sheriff's office to exchange four concealed gun permits for Apple employees.

The official statement issued last Monday named Thomas Moyer, the head of security, Rick Sung, an undersheriff at Santa Clara County, and Captain James Jensen in the case involving 200 iPads worth of $70,000 after two years of investigation. 

The firearm license in California, also known as the CCW license, is exclusively issued by the sheriffs based on the applicant's track record. 

The devices ended up undelivered after Sung and Moyer learning that the district attorney was to execute a warrant at the sheriff's office to investigate all its CCW records. 

However, Ed Swanson, Mayer's attorney, maintains that his client is innocent of all the accusations, believing that Mayer is a scape-goat amidst the feud between the Santa Clara County Sheriff and the District Attorney.

Swanson believes that his client helped arrange an iPad donation to a new education center at the office, which is never connected with the gun permits issued to Apple employees. 

"He did nothing wrong and has acted with the highest integrity throughout his career. We have no doubt he will be acquitted at trial," the lawyer said, as reported by The Washington Post

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Long-Lasting Service

Thomas Mayer has been a loyal employee at Apple, having amassed over 15 years working at the tech giant company. Mayer became Apple's head of global security in 2018 after previously serving as Apple's chief compliance officer. His career skyrocketed after Mayer infamously warned Apple's employees about leaking the company's information online in 2018

"The impact of a leak goes far beyond the people who work on a project," the memo reads.

Before joining Apple, Mayer was a part of the US Navy since he enlisted at 19. He spent four years as an Operational Intelligence Specialist, and one of his notable missions was Operation Desert Storm during the Gulf War. He was honorably discharged. 

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Not the First Time

Unfortunately, this is not the first time a head of security at Apple became involved in such an entangled case. 

John Theriault, one of Mayer's predecessors and a former VP of global security at the company, departed the tech giant following the iPhone 4s prototype scandal. 

As 9to5Mac reported, an Apple employee reportedly lost the prototype, which later became the end-product of the iPhone 4s with Siri, a fully-revamped camera, and the dual-core A5 processor. 

Theriault is a former special agent at the FBI before joining corporates, including Apple and Pfizer Inc. 

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