Song Lyric Generators: New Songwriter Tools for Modern Composition

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Composing a song really brings someone's creativity to the test. From coming up with the melody, right instrumental and music arrangement (or a Capella for some), to finding the right lyrics, song composition may seem to be simple, but it is not. It is just as complicated as programming a software to run, or to design a full plan for a house construction.

Song composition has evolved throughout the years. And technology has played a big part on it. Today, composers incorporate technology in different ways on their creative process. Music and sounds can be made from electronic instruments, and devices such as the midi keyboards, drum pad machines, DJ controller sets, etc. can produce music in a much more 'advanced' way, although some musicians today still focus on the traditional songwriting method. It could start from a melody, pattern, hook, or just a word that could play along in one's mind' or from a certain chord progression from an instrument played.

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One musical tool from the product of integrating technology unto today's song composition are the song lyric generators.

Song lyric generators are websites available on the internet, wherein songwriters can get ideas or inspiration for them to use and create song lyrics. It could be based on direct keywords from manual input, a suggestion of various words from answers someone gave on multiple questions, and words that are related about a certain subject that are generated through a songwriter's choice or preference of idea.

Here are two of the most known song lyrics generator sites and get to know what these sites could do to help a songwriter on his or her creative process:

Song Lyrics Generator 

Probably the most known song lyrics generating site on the web, and tops the webs searches for lyrics generator, this site offers a variety of categories in which a songwriter could choose from. It can be based on the song genre or based on a known artist that has their signature songwriting style integrated with the site's artificial intelligence (AI).

If a songwriter would try for example, the love song genre, questions like "the name of the person for whom the song is written" and "four adjectives that could be used to describe that person". Or when the artist category The Beatles is tried, their signature lyrics wherein they could make songs out of random words, such as "something you can hold", or "a place." Suggestions for answers are also available per question.

These Lyrics Do Not Exist

According to the site itself, it generates "completely original lyrics for various topics", wherein the user types a song topic word. The lyric genre and lyric mood can be set and specified depending on the user's preference. The genre could be country, metal, rock, pop, rap, and EDM (electronic dance music). The lyric moods vary from the span of "very sad" up to "very happy." And after clicking the "Generate My Lyrics" button, a whole song composition of lyrics would be shown, with the song topic word as the central subject of the whole song.

These sites and tools are somewhat useful for most songwriters out there. It could serve as an inspiration of ideas, or one could directly use the words generated from these new technologies of composing a song. Yet one's originality is still measured by his or her own style, and message of the work of art crafted originally by an artist.

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