YouTuber Tried to Bait Fans with the Most Expensive Pokemon Card, but Failed

YouTuber SomeThingElseYT became the latest internet viral sensation after trolling fans with an ultra-rare Pokemon Trading Card Game collectible, Pikachu Illustrator.

SomethingElseYT claimed to have found a Pikachu Illustrator card in his garage. He took to Twitter to sarcastically reveal the "discovery," saying, "Found this funny Pikachu card in my garage don't know what to do with it."

IGN reported in 2013 that a wealthy collector, Scott Prate from Illinois, bought the Pikachu Illustrator card for a whopping $100,000 after winning an eBay auction. One of the cards was sold a couple of years ago for $20,000, and the number could go higher and higher each year. 

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Sarcastic Response

The tweet became viral and amassed over 6.1k likes overnight, leaving many trading card fans in hysteria. 

"You better protect that card with your life my guy, or else I'll send my army of pikachus after you," one user wrote. Others suggested selling the card to collectors in exchange for tons of money or keeping the card for at least ten years until its value quadruples up. 

"give me that, or i swear i will pour all the chocolate milk down the drain," one user jokingly threatened. 

However, it didn't take too long until a fan realizes the picture was fake and sarcasm is what this post intends. When you try searching it on Google Reverse, the same image will appear right on the top of the page.

"FAKE!!!! look at those wrinkles on the hands. Oh btw nice google pic," one user points out.  

The same image has also been posted on Reddit and other online forums for trading card fans countless times. While many fell into the sarcastic joke, many wondered why others bought this fake story. 

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What Makes This Card So Special?

For the last few years, Pokemon has become a worldwide phenomenon once again — first with the Pokemon Go game app in 2016, and now the trading card fever in 2020. The first generation of Pokemon started way back in 1996 on Game Boy home entertainment devices, and the latest Pokemon Swords and Shield was released on Switch in 2019. 

Pokemon Trading Card Game plays a massive part in most of the 90s kids' childhoods. Today, some of these cards are even worth more than a luxurious car. 

As Dexerto noted, Japanese magazine CoroCoro had an art contest back in the 1990s, and the winners are eligible for an ultra-rare Pokemon card featuring Pikachu holding a pen. Thirty-nine lucky contestants became the winner, but only 10 are left today. 

Earlier this June, it scored a whopping $23,000 in an auction, making it the world's most valuable TCG collectible-hence the hysteria.

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