Nintendo Lists Best Cooking Games on Switch for the Holidays

Nintendo Switch games vary from different types, themes, or genres. Some players prefer more action and combat. Some are more on the hippy and chill aspects. Others enjoy a mix of both. Although not really considered a genre, more on a theme or motif in general, cooking games are now also seeing popularity in the Nintendo Switch consoles.

This is somewhat a 'sub-genre' of games in which some fans and critics consider one of the major factors where more people, especially young girls, are into Nintendo Switch nowadays.

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Nintendo's official website has run down a list of some of their console games that feature food in different ways, where it could somehow be timely as the holidays are nearing and soon to come.

Here are some of the games that made Nintendo's official 'food games' list:

Overcooked 2

The cooperative cooking simulation game by Team17 and Ghost Town Games features quests and missions that deal with preparing and cooking orders in restaurants. It is topped by the story based on the original game of Overcooked in 2017, as well as the new interactive levels, costumes and items of chefs and characters, and newly designed restaurant themes.

Pokemon Café Mix

This is a free-to-play puzzle video game developed by Genius Sonority and published by Nintendo. It is themed around one of the world's most popular anime and cartoon franchises, Pokemon. Puzzles in which players connect icons to advance in missions are the main thing to do on the game, which would result in serving food and drinks to the Pokemon characters who act as the restaurant's customers. The players can also develop their own café as they progress on the game.

Battle Chef Brigade

The Adult Swim Games published a cooking battle-based game in which it combines in-game mechanics such as side-scrolling brawler and tile-matching puzzle video games. Players start to cook when ingredients are dropped (ala Tetris style) to the designated cookware. It also incorporates hunting monsters with combo-based moves.

Don's Starve: Nintendo Switch Edition

This game was critically acclaimed ever since its first release in 2013 for some older console versions, such as the Microsoft Windows, PS3, PS44, PS Vita, and Xbox One. The version for the Nintendo Switch has also delivered the same way it did on its past versions, wherein strange creatures, dangers, and surprises await the players. The cooking part comes on the survival part, in which the players tend to cook some unconventional dishes using some not-so commonly used ingredients in cooking.


Inbento is a game by AfterBurn Games based on stories about cats where players are set to prepare and arrange bento boxes through solving in-game puzzles. The game was released earlier this year and is also available for download in the Google App store for 2.99 USD.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Although not being a food and cooking-based game, Nintendo's action-adventure game from the renowned and established Zelda series of games was still listed. It features the main protagonist of the game Link, who could perform various actions, such as cooking and preparing food and meals to accomplish various missions and quests.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?!

Last but not least on the list is the restaurant simulation game by Vertigo Gaming. Set in an American dystopia in 2042, the main gameplay involves the players to prepare and cook food on the food trucks set on the game, called the Iron Foodtruck Championships. The players would be represented in-game by characters Whisk and Cleaver, who will lead the game in the adventure of traveling across the whole of America to serve different kinds of food.

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