Apple Continues Partnership With (RED) In Line with the World AIDS Day; Includes Fight Against COVID-19

World-renowned multi-technology company Apple took part on this year's World AIDS Day as they further extended their partnership with a nonprofit organization RED--one of the organizations that vowed to fight against HIV/AIDS in the region of Africa. Due to the world's current situation, the organization is also helping beat the worldwide pandemic brought upon by the COVID-19.

The company mentioned that all the revenue they would raise from their (PRODUCT) RED items would go directly to the Global Fund's COVID-19 Response, especially for those communities that see more disease cases and areas that are farther from the reach of external help.

The organization of (RED) partners with several brands to create and manufacture products, services, and experiences such as events and campaigns that help raise the funds that deal with the fight against the disease. COVID-19 pandemic is still on the rise and affecting places all around the world, including the region of Africa. Because of these, the organization continues to help African communities fight both diseases, which are dismantling people's lives. 

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The partnership between Apple and (RED) began in the year 2006. It was during the battle against the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the sub-Saharan part of Africa. Since then, both entities' relationship continues to expand, which has seen a growth of $250 million worth of donations by Apple to (RED). 

Items dedicated to the (RED) initiative are available for purchase. It features a wide scope and variety of products, including their mobile phone line iPhones and their high-tech watches, the Apple Watch.

Apple Products Go RED

The newly released iPhone 12, which was launched only last October, has now its (PRODUCT) RED version. Called the iPhone 12 (PRODUCT) RED, its mini counterpart is also out on the iPhone 12 mini (PRODUCT) RED. The Apple Watch Series 7 released last September is also included on the partnership deal's products, called the Apple Watch Series 6 (PRODUCT) RED.

Proceeds from purchases of these products would eventually continue up until June 30 of the next year. Another initiative by the multi-billion company would be the $1 donation of the company to the global response fund to COVID-19 for every purchase and transaction. This can be done using the Apple Pay feature on their official website, in the Apple Store app on phones and mobile gadgets, and their own physical Apple Stores.

In line with World AIDS Day, which is honored today, Apple Stores are seen to change their logos with color the color red and their displays on the stores' windows. The other one is on the Apple TV app, where the company created a World AIDS Day collection in the Watch Now suggestions part of the platform. It consists of stories, shows, films, and documentaries centering on HIV/AIDS, its awareness, and more knowledge about the disease's real-life effect on people. 

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