Woodland and Playway’s “Hell Architect” Quickly Hits Kickstarter Goal

Woodland Games and Playway SA teams up with the upcoming base-building game, "Hell Architect," quickly hitting its Kickstarter goal days after its launch.

While the "Hell Architect" game is yet to be released, the devs behind this latest 2D builder game have released a free to play, standalone version with "Hell Architect Prologue," now available on Steam.

In "Hell Architect," players get to build and manage their own slice of hell as a "hell manager." Inspired by base building games like Electronic Arts' "Dungeon Keeper," Bethesda Games' hit mobile spinoff "Fallout Shelter," and Klei Entertainment's space survival "Oxygen Not Included," Woodland Games' upcoming release takes the strategy and humor to new heights, or depths, of the earth.

"We want to give you a game that is not only set in the lowest bowels of hell but also full of good, black humor, which you will love, especially if you were an intern in a big corporation," the game developers said in its Kickstarter page. Since it launched its crowdfunding campaign, it has already secured more than $9,600 out of its $7,698 target from 466 backers.

"Hell Architect" was developed by Polish game company Woodland Games, who is also working on three other future titles: Taxi Simulator, Autopsy Simulator, and Urban Explorer. The hell building sim was published by hit gaming company Playway SA - best known for the Cooking Simulator franchise.

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Hell Architect Prologue: Your Hell Management 101

With the "Hell Architect Prologue," players start with three "sinners," who serve as the players' laborers. These characters dig for passageways, mine dirt, and coal, and build contraptions and features to improve your own hell. Additionally, these nude and miniature humans can be subjected to different torture devices to generate a resource called "suffering," which allows the construction of more advanced structures.

Torture devices include Iron Maiden, a metal spiked contraption, and the Bath of Kings, a large cauldron that boils sinners alive. On the other hand, while the common concept for hell involves endless suffering for all eternity, "Hell Architect" seems to be more considerate - with meters for its sinners' bodily functions and requiring the player to build food sources, toilets, and sleeping quarters.

"Hell Architect Prologue" only walks the player through the basics of creating your own hell, ending with an abruptly named quest, "The Last Journey," which asks the player to collect resources. It is followed by a research task for "The Forbidden Fruit." After completing these tasks, "Hell is now yours to rule," or so your demon guide says. The game cuts to a victory screen, asking players to add the full version to their Steam wishlist.

However, it works well in piquing the interest of its prospective players, promising more features and more ways to mess with the sinners assigned to your own hell. Some sinners appear to be punishable on the spot, additional torture devices, and demons appearing to supervise parts of the base in the official game trailer.

See the wildly satisfying trailer for Woodland and Playway's Hell Architect below:

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