YouTube Star and Musician Andrew Huang's Flip Makes iOS Debut

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Canadian musician and YouTube personality Andrew Huang has now released his very own iOS app called "Flip", a music sampler app for beginners and already capable of doing their own music.

The new sampler app was developed and created by Huang, along with other musicians and music app creators such as Oliver Greschke, the creator of the Elastic Drums and Elastic FX apps, and Christian Blomert who developed the TouchAble and Studiomux apps.

Flip is described as "the most powerful portable sampler" and will become a 9-channel sampler. Music can be created and produced, and the process would encompass even from start to finish (from scratch up until exporting). Every track will have its own EQ or balancing capability, equipped with a variety of audio effects. There will also be an amount of 19 automatable parameters.

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Music arrangement can also be executed on the app. The music editing aspect could also be run through a midi keyboard that is already set inside the app. Tools for mixing and mastering, audio exporting, and live recording are also available for Flip. It also is equipped with an Ableton Link to support its stem exporting and project sharing options.

It also features an additional sample packs option, wherein users can purchase other music sample packs and Flip projects produced by Huang and other music producers such as Bad Snacks, Cuckoo, Kilamanzego, Rachel K Collier, Pusher, and Chuck Sutton.

The Flip creator states that he conceptualized and made the app for music producers who are beginners, amateurs, or professionals in creating music. He aims to give a music experience to music creators in which they could explore more on their creativity, as well as to provide an "intuitive and fun" music production process.

The Long Journey of the Flip Creator

Huang, a 36-year-old musician, rose to fame on the video network platform YouTube as one of its earliest content creators. He began his YouTube career in 2006. He was widely known for his "Song Challenge" video series wherein he invites his viewers to challenge him in a variety of aspects mainly focusing on his overall musicality and musicianship.

As of now, he has over two million subscribers on YouTube. He has also released more than 50 albums of his original music under the Don't Forget to Be Awesome of DFTBA Records, a recording label turned merchandise selling company for various YouTube stars. It includes Huang, and the company's founders Hank Green who is also a YouTube personality, and renowned novelist and author John Green who wrote the New York Times Bestseller "The Fault In Our Stars."

Flip is currently available in the iOS app store but might also be making its Android and Google Play Stores debut soon. The current version comes with 80 music samples and 5 demo projects where users could start to create and produce their own arrangements and patterns of music. 

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