AirPods Max Stock Update: Where to Buy, Delivery Date, Price, And MORE!

AirPods Max
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AirPods Max - the newest addition of multi tech giant Apple to its true wireless stereo (TWS) line of products will see start of shipping by December 15, just in time before the holidays. Official pre-orders from the Apple store are now sold out, yet there are still ways to secure your own unit of the upcoming coveted headphones.

AirPods Max's Delivery Date

Updates from official inventory of the Apple company states that fans and users may not directly purchase an AirPods Max from the Apple store by December 15. Moreover, restocks of it in the US may be dated on March 5 to March 19 of the next year, being 12-14 weeks as the estimated time span of deliveries in the country.

Some variants of the AirPods Max would also not see immediate availability upon the beginning of shipments on a global scale. The pink color variant was originally scheduled for shipment in Australia on December 23, just two days before Christmas. Yet on Tuesday, December 8, it was announced that the delivery was then moved to a later date and might just be on the next year as well. All the other versions of the AirPods Max would also be delivered by next year in the country as shipments are somewhat delayed as of the moment.

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Although some countries may be different, and their units of the newest Apple product could arrive a little bit earlier compared to some. In the UK, January 7 could be the earliest date of delivery for some of the AirPods. Though some variants were already been scheduled for shipment also within 12-14 weeks in time frame, such as the sky blue and space grey models.

AirPods Max's Price

With the demand for the new Apple headliner continues to rise as the holidays are fats approaching, some prices of it went higher rather than its suggested retail price (SRP) of 550 USD. American online market site eBay lists prices of the upcoming headphones at 850 USD. That is already a much-inflated rate and price for the product, as the hype and demand continue to surge in the market.

Yet the price of the AirPods Max is close enough already to a brand-new iPhone unit. The 550 USD price tag is even bigger to the price of the iPhone SE which starts at 400 USD, and if you add 150 USD to the value of the AirPods Max, one could already buy and secure their very own unit of the newly released iPhone 12 which starts at 700 USD a piece. 

AirPods Max: Where to Buy

To pre-order on some retailers in the US, and on some official sites, here are the links in which you could secure your AirPods Max unit:

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