4 Classic Video Game Consoles Before the PlayStation and Xbox Era

The Nintendo Entertainment System
Photo : Screenshot from Nintendo's Official YouTube Channel

The latest versions of the PlayStation and Xbox consoles, which are the PS5 and the Xbox Series X and S, respectively, have just hit the stores earlier this November. And both consoles are labeled "out of stock" on some of the countries where their mother companies, the Sony for PS5 and Microsoft for Xbox have released their own line of consoles.

The pandemic brought about by the COVID-19 really affected the video game industry. In the eSports aspects, and the casual gaming of some people who were and are currently staying in their own homes due to the lockdown that is experienced on almost all throughout the world.

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Both systems of video game consoles are the latest of what could the console gaming industry has yet to offer. Although it was a long road for the console gaming industry that has passed, eventually building up to the now most advanced consoles in the world.

Here is a look on that journey, some of the consoles long before the PlayStation and Xbox era:

Magnavox Odyssey (1972)

The 1972 classic console was developed and created by a self-taught engineer in the form of Ralph Baer. The console, however, did not have its own internal processor, or even its memory. Graphics were illustrated with a black and white grading, and the games were silent because of its incapability to have its own sound. Although its successor, the Odyssey 2 which was released in 1978 had seen upgrades; a 9-bit processor, and an internal RAM with 64 bytes. That was already an upgrade during those times.

Sega Genesis (1988)

This system of video games came from the Sega circuit board that was utilized in the arcade games during that time. This became a home video game system, featuring titles of some of the most classic games in history, including the Sega company's flagship character Sonic the Hedgehog, PvP combat pioneer Mortal Kombat, and 'beat 'em up' game Altered Beast.

Nintendo Entertainment System (1985)

The Nintendo pioneer console made the waves of the console gaming scene and has been an instant superstar even if it arrived later rather than the peak of home gaming. The heavily regarded gaming system brought along some of the most coveted and world-renowned game titles and franchises. It includes The Legend of Zelda, Tetris, and their flagship one, the Super Mario Brothers, with their ever so famous character Mario headlining their roster of characters.

Mario is often compared to as Disney's Mickey Mouse, Sega's Sonic, and Pokemon's Pikachu. Almost 62 million copies of the gaming system were sold on a global scale. Its successor, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System also became an instant hit when it was introduced and released in 1990.

Atari 2600 (1977)

And who would not forget probably the king and the origin of the home gaming systems in the world and all of history. The Atari 2600 somewhat opened the way for the rise of the home game systems back then. It introduced some of the best games in history, including Space Invaders, Combat, Pitfall, etc.

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