'Among Us' New Map Guide and Sneak Peek: Features, Gameplay, Teaser, and MORE!

Among Us' The Airship
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Game developers Innersloth has announced and revealed the upcoming fourth map of their 2020 breakout hit "Among Us". The new map will be called "The Airship", and it has some new mechanics in store for the game's fans.

"Among Us" continues to prove its dominance in the online gaming scene. The online multiplayer social deduction game has been widely seen as a content material for video game streamers in various video game streaming platforms, such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and many more. With over a million total players worldwide, the game is heating up more for future updates and development on its overall gameplay.

'Among Us' New Map Added Features, Gameplay and More

This time, it is the game's new and upcoming map called "The Airship." The new map has some new gameplay features in it, including a new set of tasks which players, or called as "crewmates" in game must familiarize and accomplish in order to succeed in the game. Some of the tasks would range from wiggling a plastic bag containing trash from a bin, to polishing and cleaning a giant gemstone.

In the killing part of "Among Us" which is one of the main objectives to win the game, the new map will offer access to a bunch of new kill animations, including game cosmetics (skins) that could be utilized by crewmates or even imposters as well while surfacing the new map. The map is inspired by the interactive animated short series "Henry Stickmin", which was developed and created by an Innersloth developer Marcus Bromande.

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The Airship would also feature a variety of brand-new mobility options that can provide more options to the crewmates and imposters to move and explore the new map. Examples of this include newly inserted ladders and elevators that could be shortcuts for further exploration of gamers while playing the game. "The Airship" would also be capable of giving players the chance to have multiple spawn points after having a meeting which is meant for them to avoid grouping up with others.

'Among Us'  New Map's Teaser

The new map was first teased online last month through a tweet by the official Twitter account of "Among Us". And now it was officially revealed after the game and the game developers won The Game Awards Best Multiplayer Game award, outlasting some of the other popular multiplayer games this year, including the Nintendo Switch sensation "Animal Crossing: New Horizons", multiplayer shooting game "Call of Duty: Warzone", battle-royale colorful hit "Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout", and "League of Legends" creator Riot Games' first-person shooter (FPS) breakout hit "Valorant."

Before this update by the game's creators, there were three existing maps available in the game of "Among Us." These are "The Skeld" - a spaceship, "Polus" - a planet base, and "MIRA HQ" - a headquarters building. Each map has its own characteristics, yet the gameplay of being an online multiplayer social deduction game has been the signature and key element which made "Among Us" one of the most successful games this year and could be a potential all-time great.

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