Google Pixel 5 Pro Specs, Release Date, and What We Know So Far

Google Pixel 5
Photo : Screenshot from Digital Trends' Official YouTube Channel

Leaks for their upcoming Google Pixel 5 Pro have surfaced online, indicating some upgrades from their last release which was the Google Pixel 5 series. The upcoming Google flagship may see release next year.

The company continues to strive for more creativity and production on their line of smartphones. The Google Pixel 5 Pro has been making buzz for a couple of weeks now. And it was teased that the upcoming Google Pixel flagship will feature a much more upgraded, up to date, and advanced experience which its predecessor Google Pixel 5 may have seem to lack.

Google Pixel 5 Pro Specs

Screenshots of the labeled upcoming Google headliner phone were courtesy of tech site SlashLeaks. The screenshots were comprised of three images of the alleged phone. One image has showed that the Google Pixel 5 Pro is not equipped with a visible front-facing camera. This indicates a factor whether the company and developers of the phone incorporated a somewhat pop-up camera lens into the new system of Pixel 5 Pro, or it could be somewhere below the phone's screen.

So far in the mainstream mobile phone scene, under-display cameras are not yet making an impact to the commercial market and audience of such phones. Only one, however, has utilized this kind of camera system. It was the ZTE Axon 20 5G which was announced originally for September, yet it saw an exclusivity of availability in only one country which was China.

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Other features according to the screenshots of leaks about the upcoming phone include the "kona" platform. It is the codename or moniker for the mobile phone processor Snapdragon 865 by Qualcomm. It is the flagship chipset and processor of the year 2019.

Although the much newer and more advanced Snapdragon 888 has already been released and used by other phones available on the market today, the company may have opted to use the former because of the price of the latter chipset which could greatly affect the overall price of the upcoming Pixel 5 Pro. Google may tend to keep the costs at a lower rate in order for their upcoming flagship phone to be more viable to fans and users. Nevertheless, it is still a much more upgraded comparison to the Snapdragon 765 that was utilized in the Pixel 5.

The internal storage for the Pixel 5 Pro is seen to amount at 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of total storage. This is a big upgrade from its predecessor that only contained 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. The amount for the space that could be used was doubled.

Google Pixel 5 Pro Leaks

Yet all the information present and available as of the moment are based on the leaks that circulated online. Google still must confirm whether the images were legit, and if the specs are on point. Though what can be concluded is that it is almost sure that the Google Pixel 5 Pro would be a legit upgrade to the Google Pixel 5. 

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