Apple Issues Report Over MagSafe Duo Incompatibility With 29W Chargers

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World renowned multi tech giant Apple issued a report on a document today that their 29W USB-C power adapters, which they previously released on almost all their iPhones may not be compatible to the new MagSafe Duo wireless charger. MagSafe re-debuted in their recently launched iPhone 12 series last October.

This news seemed to may have brought discomfort with some users as the chargers they may already have would not work with the MagSafe Duo since the new wireless charger does not come with a wired charger if it would be purchased.

The company did not mention or specify, however, the main reason why the older charger would not work with the wireless one. Yet reports from MacRumors state that charging the MagSafe Duo using the 29W model, it would only eb able to charge one device, either an iPhone or an Apple Watch, rather than both devices could be charged at once. This is the case despite the older model of charger has the capability to meet the required wattage by the MagSafe Duo. It may be because of the exact combination of volts and amps that is needed in order to match both chargers.

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The document release also indicates that the MagSafe Duo's hinge area could possibly be crease as time would pass by if it would be kept in a folded state, or a somewhat closed position. It might occur on a higher chance also if it is left somewhere that is hot, like the inside of a car during a hot and sunny day.

MagSafe Duo vs MagSafe

The standard and singular MagSafe charger on the other hand, could charge the iPhones at up to a rate of 15W. Apple is recommending that it could be used along a 19 USD Apple 20W USB-C power adapter.

MagSafe Duo's capabilities list that it could charge iPhones on a rate delivery of up to 12W if it would be used with the iPhone 12 mini. Although if other Lightning accessories and devices such as the Apple AirPods would be connected on a currently charging iPhone 12 of any variant or model, may it be the 12 mini, the standard iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro, or the iPhone 12 Pro Max, it would all have the same output and results. It would be capped off to a 7.5W charging rate limit as to comply with the regulatory standards.

The other parts of the document released by Apple mentions some of the details that the company has already shared about the recently re-debuted MagSafe charging system.

Short History of MagSafe

The MagSafe idea and concept was first introduced with Apple's 2006 MacBook Pro. But it was phased out during the launch of the fourth generation MacBook Pro. Also, the last MacBook to utilize and incorporate the use of MagSafe was then discontinued in the early parts of 2019.

It made its comeback with Apple's most recent launch which was the iPhone 12 series of phones. It was then labeled to be a part of a universal ecosystem of wireless charging.

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