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Microsoft Authenticator - one of the notable security tools in the Windows 10 would get an upgrade somehow, with the incorporation of its own password manager.

The security tool will soon be equipped with the password management function. Currently, the tool utilizes the encrypted messaging system which then could generate a secure code which could provide access for users to open each of their personal accounts, accompanied by their smartphone which would show the code to be used.

But with the upcoming security feature, it will then allow the users to manage their passwords and at the same time it can be synced on to the Microsoft Edge's browser. The new function will work by letting users of the company's own developed web browser to set their desired and specific passwords after updating and modifying the settings where it would then cater autofill function on to the security and recognition page.

The Password Manager Function on Testing

Currently the new feature has been seen through some beta A/B testing for both the Android and IOS applications. Yet it is expected and projected that the new feature will eventually be fully utilized once the beta testing would find good results and a proper response from those who could get to use it for the time being.

With this new upgrade for the Windows 10 security tool, the added function could bring a more secured, safer yet smoother experience which are more often using both Microsoft accounts in several devices, such as computers/PCs, laptops, then would eventually use their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

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The Microsoft Edge though already launched a password management feature that is being incorporated and utilized through the desktop settings of the browser. Yet however, a standalone application to provide such function as well is still not available before the announcement of the new Microsoft Authenticator feature.

Passwords Everywhere

With the use of the password function system being the more known thing on applications, social media sites, other internet websites, and even on accounts being created for various online video games, some are still not safe on certain issues being surfaced and rampant in the world of the internet today.

It includes account hacking, which is becoming more and more in the cyberspace. There are some making attempts to steal data and information from such accounts on the internet through password breaching by the underlying hacking available.

Although the multi tech giant in the form of Microsoft issued a warning that the growing use of the two-factor authentication must be observed with proper compliance, reiterating that it should not just be a one-sided system yet also it must capitalize on the users' responsibilities as well.

The two-factor authentication has been seeing use on various social media giants such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. Its goal is to create a space where security is at the topmost priority, focusing on data privacy, and preventing the spread of wrong information.

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