Study Shows Microwaves Used as Weapons Caused Havana Syndrome on US Embassies' Personnel

High Power Microwave
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An unexplained ailment had bothered US embassy and CIA officers in Cuba, which was also experienced in US embassies in Russia,  China and many other countries. This has affected those people involved over the last years and was named the Havana syndrome. Now it has been reported that the cause of the syndrome might be from the high-power microwaves present on each of the reported embassies.

The microwaves are suspected to utilize a technology in which its history and how it works part are very well understood and analyzed. The high-power microwaves could be somehow classified as weapons which were originally designed and made to disable such electronic equipment on the embassies. Although as the report of the Havana syndrome emerges, the tech behind the microwaves could also affect the health people. Yet the report does not clearly state on why the embassies are being targeted by the microwave weapons.

How the Microwaves Could be Used as Weapons

According to a study being reported about the incidents brought about by the microwaves, the directed energy from the microwave weapons could eventually convert energy from a certain power source. The report of the study implied and cited sample of power sources such as a wall plug inside a lab, or even a military vehicle's inclined engine, and the energy could turn into radiated electromagnetic energy, and may hand its focus on a specific target.

Such devices which cater directed energy has seen emergence ever since a long time ago, mainly in the late 1960s, with the US and Soviet Union. It was made possible through the further development of pulsed power - or the science and technology of acquiring energy which could be over a certain or relative long period of time, which then could intensify and add a huge leap on its self-created power level.

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The pulsed power could then generate some short electric pulses that could possess an extremely high electrical level of power. It would also determine that it was being classified as being high voltage, where it could go up as much as a few megavolts, and with large electric currents at the same time, with a significant tens of kiloamps.

The Frey Effect

This could affect people with the Frey effect, or the microwave auditory effect. It presents the human head as somewhat an antenna-like device which then receives microwaves that are associated with low gigahertz frequency range.

These then may affect someone's hearing aspect, which could make them hear sounds and was reported as one of the symptoms experienced by some of the US embassy personnel.  Other symptoms and effects of the microwaves also lists sudden headache, nausea, hearing loss, lightheadedness, and some other cognitive issues.

The report mentions that the microwaves did not have the capability to disrupt and affect the supposed targets of it which are the electronic devices. It also then concludes that the level of energy needed to produce the Frey effect are much lower than which is needed to disrupt the electronic devices.

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