Tesla Confirms Upcoming Launch of New CCS Charging Adapter

Tesla Model S
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Dubbed as the top electronic vehicles (EV) company in the world today, Tesla, Inc. has announced that they will launch an upcoming and new combined charging system (CCS) charging adapter which is reported to work along with the proprietary connector of their units.

The company has come up with the decision and plan to develop and manufacture their CCS charging adapter which would then be suitable for their model units currently available, such as in the form of their 2012 breakthrough car sensation hits Tesla Model S, and the Tesla Model X.  With owners being able to use their models of the Tesla cars through CCS charging networks, the new devices have seen a surge in usage among consumers of their model units.

The CCS Charging Adapter's Market in Europe

The adapter was made as a CCS to the Type 2 which is the standard charging connector in Europe. It was then available in the commercial market of the region, yet the company was never seen to plan out a CCS adapter which could then be used and applicable to its very own proprietary connector. It was and still being used for their vehicle units and models in the North America region, and on various markets in different countries all throughout the world.

This then has impacted the consumers of North America where it could not then benefit from the rising third-party charging networks which utilizes and incorporates the use of the standard CCS. Yet with the announcement of the company today, the adapter would see its way to other commercial markets, primarily in South Korea after it was confirmed that the company would really receive the services of the adapter itself in their commercial market of EVs.  It is slated for release at the first half of the next year.

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The announcement was seen on an email sent by the company to its users in that country. Along with the email, an image of the upcoming CCS charging adapter is also seen, giving a hint and an early teaser for South Korean Tesla owners of what could be in store for them in the coming few months.

Tesla on South Korea

South Korea is one of the Asian countries where the market and demand for EVs are seeing stability and rise as well. Yet last December 10, it was reported that a Tesla Model X crashed on to a wall in the nation's capital of Seoul. It then brought along fire on to a parking lot of an apartment building, killing one passenger and injuring two more who were inside the car during the incident.

Investigations by the forensic agency of South Korea are already on the works, and along with their transport ministry. Angles such as the autonomous driving or the autopilot driving function of the Tesla Model X are being taken into consideration for the ongoing investigation. Although reports by the automaker itself during the third quarter of 2020 states that most accidents involving Tesla cars are primarily caused by the driving itself of the car drivers.

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