Google Receives Another Complaint: Genius Media Group Files Lawsuit Over Ad Exchange Practices

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American website-based company Genius Media Group announced that they would file a lawsuit against multi tech giant Google which primarily rooted with the latter's ad exchange practices.

The filing of the lawsuit came about when Genius Media Group has allegedly pointed out that Google has been running a monopoly through the usage of their display advertising marketplace in which the relationships between the advertisers and the publishers are being manipulated with an "unlawfully" high price to get the ads served up on to the pages and websites inclined with the Google Ad server.

Genius Media Group vs Google

The complainant owns the websites Genius and RapGenius which are sites dedicated for producing content about lyric interpretations and annotations of songs worldwide. They have been vocal about how the Google Ad server incorporates and capitalizes on "anticompetitive rules" and would then "conduct that artificially warp the channels" in which the publishers may sell their own ad placement inventory.

Google Ad server or the Ad manager is the ad exchange platform that Google first introduced way back June 2018. The feature then combines the two former services offered by Google's DoubleClick subsidiary, DoubleClick for Publishers or (DFP), and DoubleClick Ad Exchange or AdX.

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The lawsuit was filed by Genius Media Group as a class action lawsuit, which then may draw the attention of some other companies that also has dealt negatively with the process of running the ad manager.

Amazon, Yelp, and Tripadvisor are just among a few of those companies who are claiming that the algorithm used by Google is made purposely to show priority to their won products in their own search engine. This may cause for the other competitors of Google's products to have a lower traffic, or in most cases, spend huge lumps of money just to make its way within their desired search results which could go on par with the search results for the Google products.

Past Lawsuits for Google

But Genius Media Group's lawsuit is just an addition to the already established list of companies and websites who took it against the multi tech giant. A coalition of states headed by Ken Paxton, a Texas Attorney General has revealed that he and the pact he belongs to had issued an antitrust suit against Google following its behavior and conduct when it comes to the world and industry of advertising in the technology market. They also mentioned that the company has "repeatedly" abused the monopoly power they possess in order to manipulate and control the process of the ads that are circulating in the market; its price and on how it could then appear on to their ad server.

Another case against Google was filed in October when allegations to the company brought upon by the Justice Department along with 11 Republican state attorneys general. Their complaint reiterates that Google was involved on exclusive contracts with Android-based mobile phone manufacturers wherein their present and upcoming devices and releases would easily appear when Google is set to be the default browser search engine.

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