'Among Us' Parody Sitcom: Watch 'Laugh Over Life' 11-Minute Hilarious Video With Out Of This World Characters

Among Us But Its A Sitcom
Photo : Screenshot from Laugh Over Life's Official YouTube Channel

The success of InnerSloth's 2020 breakout hit "Among Us" took not just the video gaming scene by storm, but its popularity also emerged on other forms of media, especially in social media posts such as memes, fan appreciation posts, cosplay pictures, and many more. But YouTube channel Laugh Over Life was way more than just creating a fanart or meme; they produced and posted a full parody sitcom of the game itself.

the Amongs Us Parody Sitcom

The parody video is 11 minutes long, which is the typical range of a vlog or a video content wherein subscribers could enjoy watching as something like a series. It was titled "Among Us But It's A Sitcom", and it features the storytellers from the channel itself dressed like the characters in the game. They are completely geared with costumes, while the script and storyline were filled with hilarious jokes, love triangles, and some metaphorically and literally out of this world characters.

It could be dubbed as a very relatable parody sitcom, where it shows various interactions of players through their characters in the game and could be really regarded as an on point showing of how actual players in real life deal with each other. They lessened the gameplay aspects being implied but focused more on the parts where viewers may say "it is accurate."

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Although before the parody sitcom video of Laugh Over Life which currently has 70,000 views in total, the channel itself already produced and released a series of video contents which are labeled as "Among Us But It's a Reality Show." The first video of the series has already garnered an enormous amount of 19 million views in two months. It was then followed by three more reality sitcom videos for "Among Us" and has already listed over a million views in total.

How the Fans Reacted with Laugh Over Life's New Among Us Video

Yet the newest "Among Us" video addition to their channel is what some fans called the most creative and funniest so far. The added humor and satire at the same time are the factors which the fans really see as the relatable things for them. But along with those, some fans also praised the overall production design seen on the video, especially their costume designs and their visual interpretation of the game's three available maps so far; The Skeld, Polus, and MIRA HQ.

But it was also confirmed recently that the game would soon feature and integrate their newest map, called The Airship. Fans are already excited on how the map could change the course of the game by offering something new, as hinted with its announcement that it will add more gameplay mechanics and map settings which players could enjoy as much as the three original maps.

"Among Us" has seen popularity through the live video game streaming of some of the most popular streamers and content creators in the whole world. Released way back in 2018, the game went from 32 downloads to more than a million downloads today, which landed them the Best Multiplayer Game award in the recently held The Game Awards last December 10.

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