Alpha Motor Reveals Vintage-Like EV Ace Specs, Features, and What We Know So Far

Alpha Motor's Ace
Photo : Screenshot from Alpha Motor Corporation's Official YouTube Channel

The industry of electronic vehicles (EV) all throughout the world continues to make to way to the mainstream aspect of cars and vehicles today. Some of the cars almost looks like the same as the other non-EVs, and some may look more futuristic than ever. Yet Alpha Motor's Ace EV may also look like other non-EVs, but more of those classic and retro cars in the past.

Alpha Motor is an American electric car start-up company which is based in California. This last Tuesday, they have officially announced two of their upcoming EV concepts and designs. The upcoming EV model units are called the Icon - their van-like EV, and of course, the Ace - the almost classic/retro-styled EV.

The Ace - Specs and What We Know So Far

Although both units that were revealed were greatly seen by EV fans and enthusiasts, the Ace coupe was highlighted more because of its design. It could present a somewhat resemblance of some of the most known and popular classic cars way back the 20th century, including the Alfa 105 and 115 series coupes by Italian car developer and manufacturer Alfa Romeo. Some also saw in the newly revealed car the likes of the Hillman Imp car made by British car producer Rootes Group.

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The interior part of the Ace could be considered as a minimalist one and accompanied by the projected mile range for it which could go up as much as 250 miles, along with a 0-60 time of 6 seconds. It is also stated that the Ace lists its weight as 3,600 pounds. There is still no word about the specs of its battery, and any other additional feature like a self-driving or autonomous driving (AV) tech just like the car units and models of Tesla.

The Growing Industry of EVs, and the 'Tesla Effect'

Currently, Tesla, Inc. co-founded by Elon Musk - also the company's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and hailed as the second richest man in the world (following Amazon's Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos), tops and leads the EV industry all throughout the whole world as of today. Their commercial approach on how they market and sell their products have landed them their now massive success on incorporating EVs into the commercial and mainstream market of cars and vehicles on a global scale.

With Tesla leading the charge and showing results of success through development and selling of EVs, the informal "Tesla Effect" was coined and dubbed as the influence of the company to other car manufacturers and companies to somehow develop more EVs and EV systems to be available in the market.

Aside from Alpha Motor, some other companies which range from both startups and already established companies now venture on developing their own EVs and EV systems in which could see potential on putting it in the market. This includes up and coming car manufacturers like Canoo, known names in the car manufacturing industry such as Hyundai and Kia, and multi tech companies which expressed interest in developing their own line of EVs, such as China-based Baidu, and Apple.

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