'Pokemon Go' January 2021 Events: New Year Celebration, Legendary and Mega Raids, Pokemon Spotlight Hours and MORE!

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The start of 2021 for the "Pokemon Go" community would see jampacked events for its players all throughout the world, which includes a grand New Year celebration, a bunch of Legendary Raids, and the upcoming debut of the Pokemon Spotlight Hours.

New Year Celebration Event

The limited-time New Year celebration event for the arrival of 2021 will make its start on December 31 and will run up to January 4 only. Within the course of the event, players everywhere may be able to find and catch a wide variety of festival and New Year celebration themed Pokemon. It includes Pikachu that wears a New Year's hat, and Raticate, Wobbuffet, and Wurmple which are wearing a party hat that could be obtained on various one-star Raids.

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The limited-time event would also feature chances of players to catch a Slowpoke that wears 2020 glasses, which could then be evolved to Slowbro which will wear 2021 glasses on the other hand. Research tasks which could be accomplished would give a chance to players to encounter a party hat Eevee. A Shiny Wynaut could be hatched from 2km eggs away. The style shop in the game would also offer New Year's-themed avatar items, while bonuses such as two hatch Candies, two hatch Stardust, and a half hatch distance would be active during the span of the event.

Legendary and Mega Raids

The first month of 2021 would bring much excitement to the players as a bunch of Legendary Pokemon could be obtainable by finishing various five-star Raids which would be available on the following dates scheduled:

  • January 1-5: Ho-Oh
  • January 5-12: Genesect (w/Burn Drive)
  • January 12-19: Heatran
  • January 19-26: Groudon and Kyogre
  • January 26: A "surprise Pokemon"

Also, aside from the Legendary Pokemon there will be Mega Raid bosses for the month of January. Mega Evolution Pokemon such as Mega Charizard Y, Mega Blastoise, and Mega Abomasnow will be available in the Mage Raids during the first part of the month. When January 19 approaches, Mega Venusaur and Mega Houndoom will be the available Mega Pokemon, along with a new Mega Evolved Pokemon which will debut in the Mega Raids.

Pokemon Spotlight Hours

"Pokemon Go" will debut the Pokemon Spotlight Hours - wherein a certain Pokemon and a bonus will be highlighted and featured on the spotlight for only one hour on every Tuesday evening of the month. The spotlight events will run and last from 6-7pm at local time. The schedule for all the featured Pokemon is seen below:


Spotlight Pokemon

Special Bonus

January 5


2x catch Stardust

January 12


2x catch XP

January 19


2x catch Candy

January 26


2x transfer Candy

Other events which will  be included in the much-awaited New Year fest of "Pokemon Go" will also include the Unova Celabration Event where some Gen 5 Pokemon will appear more frequently than the usual, the January Research Breakthrough which will feature the rare Pokemon Chansey, and the January Community Day which will feature Machop. 

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