'Overwatch 2' All New Heroes List: Rumored Potential, Leaked, and Confirmed Ones

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"Overwatch 2" speculations are surfacing across the internet in the past few days and weeks, and those were topped by hints of possible new game heroes coming along the release of the anticipated Blizzard phenomenon.

The much-awaited standalone sequel for the multiplayer first person shooter (FPS) hit video game by Blizzard Entertainment "Overwatch" could potentially bring a more exciting experience through the new game maps and game modes as expected by fans after it was announced during last year's BlizzCon - the annual gaming convention event of Blizzard Entertainment which began way back 2005.  Yet the Overwatch community are already breaking down some of the reports and even the smallest teasers and rumors which pertain about the speculated new heroes arriving in the game.

'Overwatch 2' New Heroes - The Confimed Ones 

So far, only one hero has been officially revealed and announced by Blizzard themselves - Sojourn. The upcoming hero is often compared to Overwatch's Solider 76, presenting a cool yet fierce look that resembles more of a gunner/shooter type of hero. Yet fans and the gaming community of Overwatch are in high hopes for the other possible new heroes appearing and could be played on the sequel itself.

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With Blizzard being silent about the other details for "Overwatch 2", it is highly expected that additional details for the game could be revealed in the upcoming BlizzConline in February of next year. One or more new game heroes or characters are being teased to be introduced in the event, yet fans have no idea as of the moment on who among the heroes would be then revealed.

The Leaked and Rumored Potential Heroes

One of the candidates for the much-anticipated hero reveal would be the leaked, rumored and teased fox hero Yokai. The hero was then leaked through an Overwatch 2 press conference where it showed a character silhouette of a female hero along with a fox pet. The leak then sparked rumors that have been shared across the Overwatch gaming community.

It is being speculated that Yokai could be somewhat connected to the known Shimada clan, which then leads to the theory that she could have been shared and inherited the powers that were used by Hanzo and Genji, but only in a form of a fox and not a dragon perhaps. Yokai was then officially teased with the newly released Kanezaka Free-For-All map where a piece of graffiti painted on a wall presented a foxlike mark, along with the word "yokai."

Another hero being speculated to make its debut in the Overwatch sequel or even as early in the BlizzConline is Junkertown Queen. The early indications of the character appearing in the upcoming sequel was firs speculated when a poster in the Junkertown map, as well as an in-game dialogue by Junkrat have appeared in the current game, and the unique position of a throne-like seat along with a mace-like weapon drew the fans onto their own theories that it may have been a clue about an upcoming hero in Overwatch.

Other heroes which are being speculated to be available in Overwatch 2 includes the old and unused character from the original game Brit, the Baptiste short story character Mauga, the "much requested" Jetpack Cat, and the hacker Lynx Seventeen form the Zarya comic.

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