Mustang Mach-E's Name History Dropped by Ford Executive: Details, Specs, Release Date, and MORE!

Mustang Mach-E
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American automaker Ford will soon release their newest addition on to their growing line of electronic vehicles or EVs with their upcoming 2021 Mustang Mach-E. It is an SUV type EV first revealed last November 2019 and is suited for release targeted on late summer of 2021. Yet even though details about the car's specs are almost out already, many are still speculating on what has brought to the minds of the car developers to name it as something that has never existed on to their realm.

The Reason Behind the Name

The global brand manager of Ford himself Jason Castriota has confirmed that the decision to push through with the Mustang Mach-E name came up upon their discussion that it will eventually bring discussions among the car and automotive community, including the car fans and enthusiasts of what could have been the basis and origin of that name. It is that simple, according to him.

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The move of establishing and finalizing the name of the EV came on the final phase of the overall development phase of the car. The name was also conceptualized upon the news that its launching to the public would then coincide with the other reveals of their fellow car makers during that time. They have believed that they might have a big chance of losing the attention of the public to their offering, so they have "improvised" a solution in which it could then bring buzz around the car community.

The term 'Mustang' has been the 'formula' (how they have called it) to bring out the inner potential of the upcoming EV. Yet it may not just be the name, but also the performance of the car itself and how could it deliver as a true 'Mustang.'

Mach-E Being a Mustang

The Mach-E's inner system could be somehow classified to the likes of the rear-wheel driving performance of a Mustang. Also, the battery of such electronic vehicles could give a semblance of a feeling as if it would provide an experience of front-wheel driving or being flat. Another aspect of the VE being a Mustang is the throttle response presented within the Mach-E. The upcoming EV car model has been reacting to its equipped accelerator in a fast motion, within a spur of just 0.1 seconds. The maximum torque which could be achieved is listed at 0.5 seconds, and the acceleration from zero to a range of 65 miles per hour would last at approximately 4.8 seconds.

The fact that the car would be an EV brings this certain lightness upon driving an already established Mustang. Yet an additional statement from Castriota shows that the company is considering to create newer models of the Mustang Mach-E in the future, in which they would implement a much sportier design, a more likely Mustang model, but in a form of an electronic vehicle, even if the original Mach-E is still not yet available for use in the public.

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