[Guide] 'Genshin Impact' in the Mountains Quest: Explore Dragonspine with This Complete Walkthrough

Genshin Impact In the Mountains
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The "Genshin Impact" 1.2 update just went live last December 23 which brings along a new set of available storyline and in-game additions for all the Genshin Impact players all around the world today. The brand-new region in the game, called the Dragonspine, offers a wide variety of game content, including a new environment, a new mechanic, and new limited-time events, such as the In the Mountains quest.

The long and challenging quest will be the starting point on kicking off the players' exploration in the new region packed in the new limited-time event called The Chalk Prince and the Dragon. The NPC which could provide the quest is placed on the Adventurer's Camp that is located outside the premises of the region itself. The players must then first accomplish and complete the quest in order to move on and further continue their exploration in the region.

'Genshin Impact' In the Mountains Walkthrough

Gamerant suggest that players may begin to do the quest by talking and having a conversation with Iris who is set on the Adventurer's Camp just right outside the Dragonspine region. Iris would then speak and tell the player about some strange ice which would then be needed to be investigated, and it could be dubbed as something that may give headaches to some players.

After Iris talking about investigating the strange ice, players may then proceed to follow the quest marker located in the map to find and locate the Strange Ice needed to be investigated. The marker is then partnered by a teleportation waypoint which could be used to move from one teleportation waypoint to another.

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Upon reaching the location of the strange ice, it would be noticeable that attacking it would not be able to break it, which includes melting it with fire. The only way to break the ice is by collecting Scarlet Quartzes one at a time which are red mining points that may have semblance to the likes of Cor Lapis. Use those collected items may power up the player's characters ton deal damage to the ice, which then eventually may cause to break it. Also, breaking the ice would allow players to unlock the Frostbearing Tree which is another way to obtain rewards.

After completing that challenge, players would then be asked to go up to the mountain by Paimoon to chase after the object which flew away, although a cold wind would block off which could lead the player to head back down the mountain. Additional two Strange Ice chunks is still on the mountain, and the player must locate and also break those two just like how it went through the first time the Strange Ice was broken.

Two More Strange Ice

The next Strange Ice is set in the Starglow Cavern, which could be considered the hardest part of the quest. During this stage, players are advised to bring a Pyro character such as Klee, Diluc, or Amber. It could also be easier to accomplish by returning the three Pyro Seelies before the fight begins in the area to its corresponding pedestals.

The second and final Strange Ice piece is placed at the bottom of the Wyrmrest Valley. A Pyro Seelie will once again appear and would then show players the proper order on how it should be activated. Follow the Seelie, and a Cryo character like Kaeya or Qiqi is advisable to be used upon following it. The same process goes along the way, including the collection of Scarlet Quartz.

Completing the quest to break the three pieces of Strange Ice would now allow the player to go up the mountain as the wind blocking the way would then disappear. Yet players will be asked once again to thaw shards, although it would be much easier this time around. The same process will apply, but it would only require one hit to break the ice.

Upon finishing the whole quest, the players can then return to Iris in the Adventurer's Camp, and rewards such as 3 Hero's Wit, 60 Primogems, 30,000 Mora, and 3 Mystic Enhancement Orb. 

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