'Grand Theft Auto Online' Cayo Perico Heist Update Brings Bug That Affects Invitation System of Players

GTA Online Cayo Perico Heist
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The newest update for the "Grand Theft Auto Online" game which is The Cayo Perico Heist originally announced last November and has went live only this December 15 has received a largely positive feedback from the fans and critics of the game. Yet a somehow considered a bug has been seen in the game in the past few days after the update, in which players cannot seem to invite their friends to join them during games.

The problem being experienced by players is not labeled as a doing by players themselves, but it is an error under the hands of the game's own developers, Rockstar Games. It would also take a while to fix it and could only be solved with yet another game update.

The Cayo Perico Heist Update

The latest update, The Cayo Perico Heist is considered as the biggest major game update in the history of the game itself since it was released in 2013. It brings new in-game content to the table, such as new missions, new vehicles, and a whole new playable region which is the island of Cayo Perico which is an entirely separate entity from the Southern California parody version region in which was and is still the game's main setting and where the storyline as well as the gameplay takes place ever since the game was launched.

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Another capability which the new Cayo Perico offers is the option for players to go up with the game as a solo player, or even with a team. That is why the bug being experienced by the players today really affects the players to fully utilize and maximize the new option catered by the new update which already degrades the fresh feature inclined with the latest update.

How The Bug Affects the Players' Experience

Most of the complaints from the players that was seen came from PlayStation 4 users. They have discovered that they were not able to invite their friends to join them in their game sessions, which they determined upon receiving an error message which stated, "Sending invites is disabled until both you and this player have completed the GTA Online tutorial."

The message may seem to be familiar with most of the players of GTA Online. It is the message that appears whenever a player would try to start up GTA Online for the very first time, or with the instance that a player would play a completely new character in the game itself. Players must then complete some few yet easy tasks and missions in order to provide a warm-up, in which they would eventually level up a little, and at the same time to get used to the game before entering the whole and deeper wild of the map available in the game, along with the missions, too.

Yet the message being received has been most likely already received by players who would try the new update. It could be highly supported that the error initially indicates that there is a bug in the game at this stage of the update. It may be acceptable, but it would surely then affect the players' overall experience. 

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