Tesla a Day Closer to History-Defining Delivery Goal: Half a Million Units Expected by the End of 2020

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The number one electronic vehicle (EV) manufacturer in the world today Tesla, Inc. is already nearing to its delivery goal which could set history as one of the highest delivery targets to date, where in a total of 500,000 deliveries was set for the whole year of 2020. It is a long-term goal for the company itself.

The current goal for the EV company in order to hit the target 500,000 by the end of 2020 is to secure around 181,000 deliveries. Tesla's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Elon Musk stated that the goal could be somewhat achieved, in an email that was sent and received by the employees of the company itself in which US based website dedicated to electronic transportation and energy news Electrek had access to. Yet the goal may have been higher in the internal aspects of Tesla.

The Company's Target Delivery Goal

The company has just recently became more exclusive upon the release of information especially about their desired delivery goats and targets. Also, another factor to consider is the fact that all the information available are classified and could be distinguished according to its target market and audience to keep confidentiality over all the information, and to keep it just on their circle.

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Yet there are multiple sources in which they have been in touch with the company's goal for a long time already which tells that Tesla is at 1,000 deliveries of their units short to their goal in the North American region for the last quarter of the year. The 1,000 deliveries goal from the said region may be their part for the company's main goal and target of 181,000 EV deliveries in a global scale, although there is still no confirmation about this information yet.

With only one day before the end of the quarter and the year per se which would definitely mean that the goal would come to its judgement day, it could still take place and be achievable, but it is already cutting to the chase.

North America and the Rest of Tesla's Market

Some other markets in the world are making their contributions for the goal to manifest, but the North American region would always be the critical point upon reaching the end of the quarter, as well as the end of the year. The company's Fremont factory is located in North America, which means that the transit times for the deliveries of the units would be a lot faster and shorter compared to the others, like the regions of both Europe and Asia in which Tesla also sees an already established but at the same time a growing market.

In Europe, countries like Germany has been listed as one of the countries to see a stable market for the EVs of the company, in which it could be the main reason behind the new Tesla factory that is currently in development set in Berlin. In Asia on the other hand, the country of South Korea has been dubbed as the top Asian country to establish a growing demand for Tesla model units. 

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