'Genshin Impact' Zhongli Best Build, Skills and Story Quests

Genshin Impact Zhongli
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Zhongli, dubbed as the consultant for the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor from the 2020 blockbuster hit "Genshin Impact" has been seeing popularity since he first appeared in Chapter 1, Act II: Farewell, the Archaic Lord. Here are some of the interesting facts fans might want to know about the character.

Zhongli has then been a playable character upon his release last December 1, 2020 in the Wish Gentry of Hermitage limited-time event. And being a part of the event, he became its banner character - labeled as a five-star from the Liyue region in which he plays a very vital and important role on the game;s storyline incorporated with the then new event during the time of his release.

Players all around the world may only acquire the banner hero through the way of the gacha-pull Wish system. During combat, the best hero builds for Zhongli primarily involves more on the attack and damage absorption aspect, as listed by Genshin.gg.

Best Build and Skills for Zhongli

Some of the best weapons for him include the five-star Skyward Spine which could potentially increase the hero's critical rate by eight percent, and also increases the hero's normal attack speed by an amount of twelve percent, and the four-star Crescent Pike which could provide an additional 20 percent on attack as damage for five seconds. The hero is also in the classification of the Geo element.

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His skills vary from offensive and damaging attacks which could be used both as a main damager (although it may not give or hit big numbers as much as the other five-star characters available in the game), or as a support inflicting damage dealer in which most players see him as at his best and his potential as character in the game could be maximized.

It includes his normal attack, the Rain of Stone, which lets Zhongli perform up to six consecutive strikes - both of which could be upgraded with it being as either a charged attack, or a plunging attack. His elemental skill Dominus Lapidis utilizes his classification as a Geo element character. It could be used as both an offensive and defensive skill.

His elemental burst skill, the Planet Befall, is probably Zhongli's high-damage output attack where it brings down a falling meteor on to the player's desired target, and also dealing the in-game effect Petrification which affects the opponents by not letting them move for a couple of seconds.

Story Quests for Zhongli

Also being one of the most story-involved characters in the game, Zhongli has been presented along with his very own story quests available for players. The quests revolve around Zhongli working through some tasks catered in the region of Liyue, which is known for being a haven for trade and wealth across the in-game world of "Genshin Impact." The region is also presented with its political climate being one of the most notable aspects upon exploring the region itself.

Despite some fans are not favored of using Zhongli in battles as of the moment due to their perception of the character's weak state, he is still very popular with the fans as dubbed by Screenrant. There is a high chance that the consultant character would receive buff in the upcoming "Genshin Impact" Update 1.3 in February. 

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