'Cyberpunk 2077': Player Shows Viral New Mod Showing Exploding NPCs

Cyberpunk 2077
Photo : Screenshot from Cyberpunk 2077's Official YouTube Channel

"Cyberpunk 2077" may just seem to be the hottest game out in the video game industry all around the world today. And another game mod was developed and seen online as it could cause nonplayable characters or NPCs to explode from out of nowhere.

The Viral Mod

The mod was created by a 'modder' which has a username of Willburgur_, and his creation was posted in social media site Twitter. His tweet showed how various NPCs surrounding the game itself have exploded real time and from out of nowhere. The video on his tweet seemed to be his entry on to the growing number of "Cyberpunk 2077" content available online which either supports and appreciates the game, or just mocks it completely due to the certain issues and backlash the game has been receiving since it was released and launched on a global scale last December 10.

Although Willburgur_ dubbed his mod as something that is still a work in progress, it already garnered attention from the public, especially other players of the game itself. It has now more than a thousand likes and retweets, with comments and replies expressing how some find it really hilarious and morbid at the same time. They even labeled it as something that could really go along with the actual game because of how the bugs currently being seen and experienced in the game are very rampant on it.

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As entertainment website Screenrant mentioned in an article, the motive in creating the new mod by the user himself is still not clear this time. Although the NPCs which experienced the sudden explosion of their bodies may seem unfortunate, it could still be seen as 'oddly entertaining' according also to the article by the website.

Latest Official 'Cyberpunk 2077' Game Mod

Game mods has been becoming a thing especially for games which are capable of being updated on a certain basis in time. One mod that was greatly seen and appreciated by many of the game's fans, players and enthusiasts expressed their much delight when the third-person view mod was released for the game of Cyberpunk, and the originally designed to be a first-person shooter game or FPS could now offer an alternative view or perspective of the game's main character or avatar, V, as reported by Forbes.

The third-person mod was developed by renowned mod creator and developer Cineagle. It showed how V can now be seen with the whole body of the avatar, and it could be applicable to both the male and female versions of V. The upper and lower portions of V's body which may go from being in still position up to its capability to walk and run around the game's setting may now be witnessed and explored through the latest game mod released.

Whether the exploding mod for the NPCs could become official or not, it just proves how the popularity of "Cyberpunk 2077" is working on that it even influenced mod creators such as Willburgur_ to exert effort in making his very won mod, even if it meant to provide additional gaming experience, or to just mock the game itself.

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