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Pokemon Go
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Promo codes for the first month of the year in "Pokemon Go" has now been used by players all around the world to obtain and redeem some cool stuff for them to enjoy while playing the game and exploring various areas to catch different Pokemon along the way.

"Pokemon Go" is already known to utilize the use of promo codes in which it adds additional thrill and excitement to its players with the added freebies they could enjoy just by using it and then eventually redeeming them in just a matter of seconds or minutes. Some of the codes that could be used may potentially grant players different items for in-game use, such as Pokeballs or its different variants. Yet another type of item which could be much appreciated by the fans and players would be the game cosmetics.

For the start of this year, however, there is only one available promo code for the game of "Pokemon Go" this January of 2021. Pro Game Guides says that the special promo code would allow and give access to players to obtain their free special sponsored cosmetic items in which they could use for their own trainer, and it is backed by American telecoms company and giant Verizon.

The Verizon Promo Code 

The new Verizon Promo Code available lets players to get their new cosmetic items, yet it would only provide them with such type of items, and no bag items or items which can be used to catch Pokemon or for in-game and combat use are available upon using and redeeming the prizes upon using the code itself.

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The code will be valid and available for use in the whole year of 2021 so that players may not get to rush or use to enter the code which could then proceed on redeeming the cosmetic items on hand. Although it is still advisable and at its best to use the promo code immediately in order for the players to not go on while they would not then keep in mind about the fact that the promo code is still active, or else they might just forget about it.

The promo code is listed as:

  • Verizon Cosmetic Code - LRQEV2VZ59UDA

Using the promo code would then give players their very own Verizon Jacket, and also a black Verizon face mask (due to the facemask practice and measure to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus). The items can be equipped and used on all the genders available in the game, and those can be located in the new sponsored tab in the trainer customization menu.

How to Use Pokemon Go Promo Codes

To enter and use a promo code in "Pokemon Go" as listed by game guide website Attack of the Fanboy, players must navigate and go to the game's shop menu. Then they must scroll their way to the bottom most part of the menu wherein they would then see the Promos section. And players may enter their desired promo code in which they could use to redeem the freebies and items available. This may work only for Android users, however. For IOS users, they must go to the Niantic Offer Redemption site to enter the code and claim their rewards. 

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