'Stardrew Valley' New Cooking Mod Guide: Updated Details, Features, and MORE!

Stardrew Valley
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"Stardew Valley" - the hit video game created by the mysterious yet interesting video game developer Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone became known worldwide especially in 2016. And after four years since it was released, a new cooking mod for the game in which it is a complete overhaul for the cooking mechanic available in the game is now being tried and tested by players worldwide.

The new mod for "Stardew Valley" is the newest mod creation by known mod creator or 'modder' Nexus Mods, with a user named bblueberry as its main designer. The newest mod for the game brings all the different types of meals, as well as the quality life changers as the features included in this new update.

New Cooking Mod Guide

User bblueberry's newly created mod is titled "The Love of Cooking." It then updated the cooking menu of the game itself, where a cookbook would then be given to players wherein they can search and find cooking recipes. They also now can have more control over the way on how they can do interaction with the meals and ingredients available.

Some of the noticeable game enhancements as listed by video game news and guides website Gamerant to the game include the likes of allowing players to pick and select such options if it would be gold-star ingredients that can be used automatically during the cooking process.

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Another major game improvement lists the capability to provide players the chance to cook up to a total of nine different meals at a time. The mod also offers a much wider and whole new set of cooking recipes that are now equipped with much revamped characteristics and features which are far beyond the extent of the overall general cooking mechanic.

Also, another players and fans of the game may now enjoy the other addition for the game provided by the new mod which is the Cooking skill which then can-do wonders - by making the food into something that can give a lot better of the game's health and relationship rewards and prizes. Meals can now be also sold at a much higher price.  These are just some of the most vital aspects provided by the new mod which are being much appreciated by players especially those who were playing the game for an already long time ever since it was released four years ago as reported by PC Gamer.

Rising Popularity of Game Mods

The community of video game modding has becoming a lot more popular and rampant these days. Another game which has already seen some new mods created by modders all around the world is for the recently released "Cyberpunk 2077" by CD Projekt. The futuristic cyber-action first-person shooter (FPS) game has been received by players and critics in mixed views, yet its popularity remains one of the most talked about in the world of video games today.

Mods for the game which has caught the attention of majority of the Cyberpunk gaming community include the new third-person shooter mod for the game's main character and protagonist, V. Also, a fan-made mod which then shows how nonplayable characters or NPCs explode from out of nowhere has been trending online after it was posted on Twitter. 

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