Dell Monitors in 2021 to Cater Work from Home Needs

Dell 40-Inch UltraSharp Monitor
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Dell is a world-renowned American company which develops multi tech advancements especially for computers. It includes their already established reputation on manufacturing computer monitors which are often being seen in PC setups today. And with the pandemic still brought about by the COVID-19 still around, Dell could focus on developing monitors inclined for a work from home use.

News outlet website Cnet reported some of their upcoming monitor models include the new 24-, 27- and 34-inch variants of their monitor which are designed more on videoconferencing and a more optimized model unit that are equipped with built-in webcams. Another upcoming monitor model which the company will also offer for sale in the coming year lists the 40-inch UltraSharp which could be used during its user's days when he or she would be facing the PC screen on a more engaging note.

The upcoming monitor model units for Dell is announced for the International Consumer Electronics Show or CES which is trade show held annually at the Las Vegas Convention Center every January where new products and technologies from different companies and startups on all over the world are being showcased into the event.

Dell Mointors for "New Normal" Work from Home Setup

The new Dell monitor model units could be utilized more with its daily use especially for the "new normal" setup for most employees which became the thing these days for most employers due to the ongoing threat of the coronavirus. The new monitors could be maximized especially if its user relies on the Microsoft suite. Their videoconferencing app or software Microsoft Teams could be run through a button.

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The users may also sign in with the Windows Hello facial recognition, as well as the use of the voice commands by the capabilities of the built-in noise-cancelling mics which may be possible through the virtual assistant by Microsoft named Cortana. Also included within the upcoming monitors are the pop-up 5-megapixel IR webcam, yet it dozes off in a high-resolution performance. All of the monitors can be equipped with a monitor stand that could be adjusted depending on the user's preference which may not be a common thing due to the fact that it is more being used on curved monitor models just like the 34-inch model.

The 40-Inch UltraSharp Monitor

Yet the 40-inch model may be dubbed as the one which stands out the most. Tech website GSMArena lists the 40-inch UltraSharp monitor as a first for the world, wherein it could be hailed as the world's first 40-inch curved wide-screen monitor that can cater up to 5k or resolution. The IPS panel of the much-awaited monitor is seen at 100 percent SRGB and 98 percent in DCI-P3 coverage. It could also allow the rendering of up to an amount of 1.07 billion color variations.

All of the upcoming Dell Video Conferencing Monitors will be available in February: the 24-inch model (C2422HE) starting at $520, 27-inch (C2722DE) starting at $720 and 34-inch (C3422WE) starting at $1,049.

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