Nintendo Switch Tops Console Competition in 2020: Beats Sales of All Other Consoles Combined

Nintendo Switch
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Nintendo Switch has been the number one portable console today - and maybe, the only active portable one today.  And Nintendo associated website Nintendo Life reports that the total sales of the coveted portable console just beats all the sales of all other consoles combined in United Kingdom last year.

The Dominance of Nintendo Switch

The head of renowned video game news and updates website GamesIndustry Biz, Christopher Dring posted in his official Twitter account that if all the sales of the PlayStation 4 or PS4 consoles, along with the recently released new version of it which is the PS5, and the Xbox consoles with its new version, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S which were also released the same month of release of the PS5 (only two days apart, from November 10-12 of last year) are combined, it still could not beat how well the Nintendo Switch, along with its Nintendo Switch Lite version made last 2020.

It just clearly supports how the Nintendo Switch has dominated las year's video game industry, especially with the pandemic brought about by the COVID-19 has emerged and made people stay in their homes due to lockdown on almost every part of the world. Yet even the lockdown may have supported the other consoles that requires additional hardware like the tv screen and the console itself which cannot be handled in a mobile and portable way, it still did not stand chance to beat the four-year old console which is being played by almost audiences and fans in all ages.

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As reported by reputable video games website Games Radar, the dominance of the Nintendo Switch in the video game market and industry today is dubbed as a 'no surprise,' and that the console has remained as a 'hot seller' where it was hard to find because of the high demand being injected upon it.

The 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons Phenomenom'

The popularity of Nintendo Switch would not be possible thanks to the games available for the console itself, which is primarily headlined, of course, by the critically acclaimed and commercially successful "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" that was also created and published Nintendo. The life simulation game took the video game scene by storm when it was released early last year.

With its massive success, a new version of the Nintendo Switch which was patterned and themed to the game was launched and went on sale in October of last year which served as a clear indication that additional sales for the console itself has been added by the game-themed and designed version of it.

Four years may seem long enough already for a console from the time it was launched to the public. And news for the upcoming Nintendo Switch Pro is slowly and gradually circulating around the net. It is being speculated that the Pro version of the console itself would likely appear this year, yet despite the upgrade being talked about already, the original Nintendo Switch and Switch lite are still here and would stay for long, as Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser mentioned that the console is "roughly in the middle of its life cycle." 

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