'Smite' Season 8 Goes Live Very Soon: Map Changes, Game Additions, and What We Know So Far

Smite Season 8
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"Smite" - the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios which utilizes a third-person perspective will see its eighth season by February of this year. Yet it will not retain the same conquest map of the game from the season 7, and as reported by Gamepur, multiple changes are expected to arrive in the upcoming and highly anticipated season 8.

The new conquest map which will debut along with season 8 when it goes live is projected to provide some bunch of new meta changes for its players all around the world. Also, it merely specified that a very particular and notable change would be for the players who take on the jungle role.

Map Jungles - Jungle

One major addition brought along on the new conquest map would be the new jungle routes that are set on the map itself. Some of the big jungle routes would be placed at the entrance itself, where it would eventually lead to the game's phoenixes placed all over the map. It would also lead over the gold buff, as well as the starting XP harpies.

Yet the gold buff and the XP harpy both seemed to have been placed a bit on the right side located at the middle part of the jungle. This is different from the past conquest map wherein it resembled like those were then hugging the walls. Also, the addition of such open areas would be noticed, which could signify that the battles that may take place in that area could be a lot trickier than ever.

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The open areas may also allow the gods to escape and return to the side of their map and could then use those in favor of them such line of sight as their edge. Although escaping through this way may also mean that the attacking side may have a chance to take on a phoenix through an alternative route implied. It could then make the minions a lot more involved in battles, as well as it would allow the titan to be also engaged in the battle.

XP Harpies and Upcoming Smite Gods

Along with the new jungle routes and open areas present for the upcoming conquest map, there will also be two new XP harpies which would be placed in the jungle and buff areas of the map's solo lanes at the same time. Another XP harpy would also be added which is not far from the first one that is set near the middle lane. Attacking the harpy could then potentially give the jungle players some additional XP and gold, yet it could also serve as an opening for them to be involved with the battles that might highly occur on the solo lane more often by assisting his or her teammates.

There would also be lane objectives that will be scattered all over the map. Those will be put on both the left and right lanes, as well as lane scorpions in the long lane where duos tend to play more. Players are expected to be engaged deeply with those new map additions, including the release of the two new "Smite" gods - Tiamat and Gilgamesh according to Republic World

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