'King of Fighters XV' Official Trailer Now Released by SNK: Details, Including Characters, Gameplay, and MORE!

KOF XV Official Trailer
Photo : Screenshot from SnkGame's Official YouTube Channel

"King of Fighters XV" - the latest installment to the renowned and established King of Fighters or KOF series of games has now been revealed by its creators and developers SNK Corporation with the official trailer of the game where its gameplay is shown, along with six of the characters available in the game.

KOF XV Trailer Breakdown

The trailer shows KOF characters such as K', Kyo Kusanagi, Leona, Benimaru, Shu'nei, and Mai Shiranui. The characters presented still preserved the signature visual aesthetic of KOF characters being established for a long time already. Yet the improvement and more stylized attack and branding could also be seen as well and could be compared as a much-improved version to the older and its predecessor KOF XIV which was released last August 2016.

Known game news and updates website IGN Southeast Asia revealed the trailer, in which was followed by the words from the game's creative director himself Eisuke Ogura, and KOF XV producer Yasuyuki Oda where they added additional information and revealed a little more regarding about the game - especially on how is it going to be once it will be released for players all around the world.

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Oruga, the director of the upcoming game noted that they have focused on keeping and preserving the "series' staple of being fast-paced", as well as the incorporation of various elements which could make the game more exciting than ever.

Other KOF Details, Including More Game Releases

They also mentioned that as developers of the game series which could now be considered as a classic one, they are now "brushing up features and optimizing the game," and has plans to ship and release the game already by this year. Fans may also look forward for yet another official trailer from the game developers which would also be a part of their revealing stages for the fans and KOF enthusiasts to be pumped up more for the game itself.

Also as reported by entertainment website Explica, the game could probably have more visual and sound advancements which could signify that the game will be available for much newer and recently released game consoles, such as the PlayStation 5 (PS5) , and the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S which were all released just last November of the past year.

Yet there will also be a high chance that the game would be available for the older OS4 and Xbox One consoles as well because of the fact that KOF XIV which was the last game released for the KOF series before the upcoming one was heavily played on the older versions of the PS and Xbox consoles.

Also along with the release of the first official trailer for KOF XV, news about the KOF XIV Ultimate Edition was also included wherein it is out now through digital and downloadable content for consoles and various video game platforms. A new release for the classic KOF 2002 Unlimited Match for the PS4 console could also be something which fans may look forward to.

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