New 'Grand Theft Auto 6' Leak Draw Excitement Towards Fans Yet Dubbed as Fake

GTA Online
Photo : Screenshot from Rockstar Games' Official YouTube Channel

A new suspected leak for the upcoming "Grand Theft Auto 6," or "GTA 6" has circulated online and brought much excitement towards the fans of the game worldwide, yet being an unofficial leak, it may somehow be considered as a fake one.

As per game website GameRant, the new leak was courtesy of a post in social media site Twitter, wherein a use named Chiko Kan who is a music producer shared a tweet in which it showed a screenshot of an alleged email which was reported to be from the Head of International Communications at Rockstar Games Richard Barnes.

The New 'GTA 6' Related Leak?

The email then presented that Barnes sent an invitation to Kan for an opportunity to work with the game company as a music producer, in which it wrote that they would want Kan to help them curate the music for the company's "upcoming projects in 2021." The email also listed that one of those projects would be a "HUGE" one.  

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Some of Rockstar Games' were seen at the subject line of the email, such as the titles of "GTA," "Max Payne," and "Red Dead Redemption." Yet there no official game titles by the game developer itself that was seen in the actual email part, although some have speculated that the "HUGE" one could be the much awaited "GTA" sequel.

The tweet by Kan may seem a legit one and boasting it on social media could signify that it was such a big achievement for him that someone as big as Rockstar Games would want him to work for them. But with his post being dubbed as still an unofficial one, some suggest that it could be somehow a fake as other have analyzed various aspects in the email which could somehow bring a point that it may be just a created one by the user, as reported by entertainment and geek website Comic Book.

New Leak Dubbed as Fake

One implication which could be seen is with the second and third paragraphs, wherein the color of the text listed on those parts of the email may seem different and are not on the same color or shading. And the other factor which may almost confirm that the email was fake is the fact that Barnes already left the company way back in 2019.

If the email would be true, it may inidicate that "GTA 6" could be revealed or even released this year. Yet the other side of the story which is the email being a fake one may somehow be a lot stronger with the Barnes factor alone already, although some also speculated that he may have been on a secret return to the company. There is still news, however, regarding this, and there is still no response form Kan himself regarding the backlash and criticism he is receiving from the tweet he posted.

"GTA 6" will be the next major installment from the world-renowned series of video games developed and published by Rockstar Games. With the last one being released, "GTA 5" is already heading towards its eighth year, fans have been anticipating the release of the sequel for a long time already. 

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