'Genshin Impact' Ganyu Banner Character Details, Features, Release Date, and Quest

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"Genshin Impact" will yet introduce another character in the game by next week. A new banner character, named Ganyu will make its way to the playable character pool of the game itself, and she will bring along a new story quest upon her much-awaited arrival this coming January 12 as reported by Express Co.Uk.

Ganyu, the Emissary and Secretary of Liyue Qixing

Ganyu is dubbed as the emissary and secretary for Lady Ningguang of the Liyue Qixing - the group of the seven merchants and business leaders who are tasked to govern the nation of Liyue which specializes on the commerce and trade sectors. Ganyu would be released as a five-star banner character, in which it would mean that players all over the world could have a hard time to then unlock her, especially during the time in which it would be in a limited-time event which would see her availability to be unlocked.

Known video game news, updates, and insights website Siliconera has reported that the debut of upcoming debut of Ganyu would be backed and joined by the arrival of other two characters which are also set in Liyue, namely Xiangling and Xingqui, as well as Monstadt's Noelle. Yet as the other debuts of various banner characters in the game of "Genshin Impact," a story quest would most likely appear as well wherein players may do and try it. And yes, a Ganyu story quest will also be making waves as a part of the debut of the next banner character.

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The story quest dedicated for the emissary and secretary of Liyue Qixing would requires players to be already finished with the Archon Quests' first chapter which will eventually end with A New Star Approaches. Players that already have a rank of at least Adventure Rank 40 could then have an additional Story Key which would be necessary in order to unlock the Sinae Unicornis Chapter.

Additional Details About Ganyu

The Ganyu banner, on the other hand, would then be called as the Adrift in the Harbor. The five-star Cryo archer character will appear alongside the support of three-star Pyro character Xiangling who uses a spear, three-star Hydro character Xinqui who uses a sword, and the four-star Geo character Noelle who uses a claymore. All of the three supporting characters have already been available ever since the start and launch of the game way back September last year.

Ganyu's Cryo abilities and characteristics could go along with the era of the recently released region for the game called the Dragonspine, which only went live just last December 23 and would go up until January 5. Her main weapon would be the bow and arrow in which she could utilize it in order to perform a potential upwards of six consecutive shots as a part of her normal attack. Her talent lists the Trail of Qilin, by which she could drop a single Ice Lotus flower on the ground. It could then attract enemies on the area, in which it could turn to a damage-dealing barrage of Cryo onslaught. 

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