'Among Us' Custom Game: How to Play in Jester Mode

Among Us Jester Mode
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A new custom game for the world-renowned and last year's game sensation and breakout hit "Among Us" called the Jester Game is now available for play. And as reported by known game website Sportskeeda, things might just be more interesting than ever.

The new game mod will feature one character among the players, and he or she will be dubbed as the Jester. The only goal of the assigned Jester character is not to kill, but to act as suspicious as possible, and to get voted out by the other players in the game. It was first introduced on a video by one of the most popular streamers of the game Socksfor1.

Jester Mode Gameplay

The new "Among Us" mod had an introduction of what could be somehow compared to the introduction of the new Doctor role. A player which would be tasked and given the title of the Jester must be voted out of the game, and when he or she does, an automatic victory would then be bestowed upon the Jester. All the other players including the crewmates and the Impostors would then be inflicted with an automatic loss.

The addition of this newly launched mod already has already made waves and could be seen as something that could give much more thrill and excitement towards the game of "Among Us." Fans and players have also already pointed out ways on how to play the new Jester game mode.

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Modded game version of "Among Us" or custom mini games in which mods like the Jester game mode are classified to can only be played through the utilization of the private servers available for players all around the world. The main reason behind this is the required high level of cooperation with another for those game mods, where players must keep in mind to the imposed house rules which could not be strictly enforced on to the main game of "Among Us."

How to Play the Jester Mode

The assigned Jester may to what it takes for the other players to see him or her as someone that acts as a suspicious one yet being too much suspicious can also make them to be kept in the game. This is because other players would know that they are in a Jester game mod, and mind games could take place in a more complex yet versatile environment and setting for the players themselves.

Balance is the key to play the game of Jester, according to entertainment website Screenrant. Players may tend to act suspicious by manipulating and taking over in-game situations where they would appear suspicious, but at the same time they must take note of being careful where they would not give away their identity as the Jester to the other players around.

Killing the Jester by an Impostor would result as a loss for the tasked Jester player. This game mode may push the Impostors to specifically hunt and kill the Jester, and the game of the original "Among Us" could take place. 

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