New 'Valorant' Agent Yoru Debuts Tomorrow: Skills, Details, and More!

Valorant Episode 2 Act 1 and Yoru
Photo : Screenshot from Valorant's Official YouTube Channel

"Valorant's" new agent is set to arrive tomorrow in the much-awaited Episode 2 Act 1 of the game itself, and it will be called as the Infiltrator Duelist Yoru.

Renowned video games and entertainment news website IGN Southeast Asia has reported that Yoru would be classified as a stealthy agent in which he has the ability to become invisible. He also can be able to send out footsteps which are fake and can drive the enemies on to further traps, as well as confusing them and distracting to set up much bigger plays in favor of the upcoming hero's player team.

The Newest Valorant Agent - Yoru

Game developers Riot Games has officially launched a new cinematic trailer which featured Yoru, as well as all of the descriptions of the upcoming hero's abilities and powers.

Yoru's first skill is called Fakeout. It could equip an echo by which then mimics the footsteps it could do upon activating it. Firing could activate and send the echo towards an upright direction. Alt fire may place an echo in a certain location as well. The inactive echo on the other hand could send it moving forward.

The second skill is called Gatecrash. Equipping would result on to harnessing a rift tether. Firing may send the tether on to a moving forward direction. Alt fire may also place a tether on the player's preferred location. Activating it could then make Yoru teleport on to the actual and exact location of the placed tether.

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His signature ability, called the Blindside could give the following effects: Equipping it may then rip an unstable dimensional fragment from reality. Firing would result on throwing the actual fragment, while activating a flash which could wind up once it faces and smashes through a hard surface in the actual real world in the game.

And finally, his ultimate skill is dubbed as the Dimensional Drift. Equipping a mask could give the ability to look through and see between the two dimensions. Firing could pave the way for Yoru to go to his real dimension, and he would go as someone that may be unaffected or seen by the enemies from the outside, turning him invisible.

'Valorant's' Episode 2 Act 1

The release of the new agent would be taking over tomorrow during the arrival of the "Valorant" Episode 2 Act 1 and would go live up until the 1st of March. News website suggests that the new character Yoru is labeled as a Japanese native which "rips holes straight through reality to infiltrate enemy lines unseen."

"Valorant" product lead John Gosicicki also mentioned that they have explored and toyed upon the idea of 'Stealthy Infiltration', for years already. Yet now they have pulled off and managed to put it into reality and apply it to one of their agents, as it is anticipated that the arrival of Yoru could then cause some massive disruptions amongst teams especially on the opponents' side of where who would be used.

The new season of "Valorant" would arrive along with a brand-new Battle Pass and Run-It-Back bundle which would also include some cosmetics from the first episode of the game.

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