'Genshin Impact' Hypostatic Symphony: Gameplay, Features, Release Date, and What We Know So Far

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A new "Genshin Impact" limited-time event is set to arrive this week. The Hypostatic Symphony Event will run live in the game from January 16 up to January 31.

The event was first announced in a post from social media site Twitter, wherein the game's official Twitter account tweeted that the event will set foot on all of the player's gaming devices this January 16 all over the world. It will be live from 10:00 server time of the said date, up until the last day of the month, January 31, at 03:59 server time.

'Genshin Impact' Hypostatic Symphony Gameplay

"Genshin Impact's" upcoming limited-time event would require players to a minimum of Adventure Rank 20 to be able to join and participate in the event. Although there are only few details about the event that are available as of the moment, video gaming news and updates website GameWith has reported that as the title of the event would say, Hypostatic Symphony primarily involves players to battle and go against Hypostasis bosses which are already established enemies in the game of "Genshin Impact."

Players may be able to choose their desired difficulty of the bosses they would then face in the event. Yet the more difficult Hypostasis bosses they would battle, the more and better rewards they can get. Some of the rewards include players to receive Primogems during the first time they would clear the challenge - in which players will have to take on the Anemo Hypostasis bosses.

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Also, as listed by the official website of the game Genshin Mihoyo, the event-exclusive namecard style "Celebration: Hypostasis" could be obtained once the total score of a player would then reach a certain amount.

The Hypostatic Symphony Event is only one of the new in-game contents for the second round of the Version 1.2 update. Today, the new five-star banner character Ganyu has already made its debut, and players may already try on obtaining her in the Adrift in the Harbor event.

Other 'Genshin Impact' Events

The latest update which went live just last December 23 has brought along the first round of the newest and latest in-game contents, such as the introduction of "Genshin Impact's" newest game region called the Dragonspine.

Dragonspine provides a new environment in which players may explore. It also goes along with a new Freeze mechanic that was introduced in the update, as well as new set of puzzles and quests. Limited-time events such as The Chalk Prince and the Dragon and the In the Mountains quest also went live during the arrival of the Version 1.2 update, with the former ended last January 5.

With these updates, events, and in-game content that keeps on coming in the game, fans and critics cannot hide their much appreciation for the game itself. In an article by Steven Messner of renowned video game website PC Gamer, he mentioned on how the game has been preserving their stability, in which they keep on bringing new and fresh game contents and offerings in an almost consecutive note or on a regular basis.

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